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OHI offers a holistic healing program based on ancient spiritual disciplines that promotes healing of your body, mind, and spirit through all-natural, non-medical practices.

The Benefits of a 3-Week Cleanse at OHI

You will be amazed at what a huge difference three weeks can make. After a short stay at OHI, community members feel healthier, clear-headed, happier and more energized than before. One of the primary reasons for this quick transformation is the cleansing and nourishing benefits of the OHI diet.

With a diet that consists of raw foods, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, blood-purifying wheatgrass juice, and colonics to detoxify and aid in digestion, your three-week cleanse at OHI will have you feeling lighter, brighter and full of more energy than you thought possible.

It all starts with a two-and-a-half-day vegetable juice fast to help jump-start the cleansing process. From there, guests move on to a diet of raw organic vegan meals. A difference can be seen in just a few days

During the second week, toxins that have built up in your system are noticeably diminished. Your energy and strength start to surge as your immune system regains its natural vigor. Whether it’s chronic headaches, fatigue, or symptoms related to a long-term illness, guests have reported that symptoms become less severe.

After the third week, the body reaches a healthy alkaline balance and guests notice improvements in their ability to concentrate and quiet the mind. This is also when weight loss becomes pronounced, with guests shedding off the pounds on their way to a healthier, happier lifestyle!

With newfound energy, and stronger, healthier bodies, guests leave OHI with a fresh new outlook on healthy eating and positive living. With body, mind and spirit aligned and focused on positive results, good health is within reach.

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