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Can a Healthy Lifestyle Be Contagious?

It’s not unusual for an extended stay at an Optimum Health Institute mission in San Diego or Austin, Texas to have a positive, powerful, life-changing impact on a guest. What IS a bit unusual is for it to have a transformational influence on someone who never set foot on the grounds.

Doug Fulwider’s wife was a staunch advocate of OHI’s healthy lifestyle program for decades, and had even studied with Ann Wigmore, the founder of Hippocrates. She insisted on following the plant-based, live, raw organic food plan to such an enthusiastic extent that Doug playfully named their home, “OHI West.”

When his wife tragically succumbed to pancreatic cancer after a two-year battle, Doug was heartbroken. Even in his deep grief, he knew that emotionally ‘giving up’ and reverting to old, unhealthy eating habits was not an option. He decided to honor his wife’s legacy, and maintain his own health, by signing up for an OHI stay. By his second week there, he knew he wanted to apply to be a missionary. The support from the OHI staff and other guests, the healthy plant-based meals and the beautiful surroundings were the perfect prescription to heal his hurting heart.

He applied and was thrilled to be accepted into the missionary program. First, though, he had to find someone to housesit for three months. The son of an acquaintance was at a crossroads in his life, and Mikey expressed his desire to live at Doug’s while he pondered his future direction. Doug had just one rule for the young man – there could be NO meat in the house.

While Doug continued his deep healing during his months as an OHI missionary, Mikey threw himself into completely changing his diet, inspired by Doug’s no-meat rule, and the delicious vegan OHI recipes Doug left with him.

What began as a “house rule” quickly blossomed into a brand new, healthier and happier life path. Mikey learned how to ferment foods, grow sprouts and make seed cheese. He prepared delicious plant-based meals for his mother and uncle, both of whom were soon able to get off nearly all medication as their health radically improved.

Mikey even took a raw-foods course, and is studying to become a vegan chef. He’s developed quite a social media following, too, posting photos of his beautiful and delicious creations online. While Doug was healing his heart at OHI, Mikey was healing his life – and preparing for a fantastic new future – using the transformational tools OHI provides.

Bring body, mind, emotions and spirit into a healthy balance this fall with an extended stay at OHI San Diego or OHI Austin. Visit our website at, and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation. Mention the code “October” to find out about special money-saving offers.

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