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OHI offers a holistic healing program based on ancient spiritual disciplines that promotes healing of your body, mind, and spirit through all-natural, non-medical practices.

The Power of Your Words

When we carelessly say something that diminishes us in some way, even if we’re just joking, our subconscious mind picks up that energy and it becomes our reality. For instance, someone says, “You’re really good at yoga,” and we instinctively reply, “Oh, no! I’m a real klutz!” What we’ve just done wounds our self-esteem, and affirms that we never will be able to execute a respectable Downward Dog or Salutation to the Sun.

How many times a day do we sabotage ourselves by carelessly choosing words that can keep us feeling stuck, or powerless? When we say we “might” do something, or we’ll “try,” we’re embracing a very passive attitude that certainly doesn’t inspire any active effort to accomplish it. Words like “never,” “always,” “can’t” and “might” also send strong messages to our subconscious that we’re not going to accomplish our goal, and it’s useless to try.

Thankfully, we can reprogram our minds and boost our self-confidence by simply using more assertive words. When we switch “I might” to “I will,” we see how quickly that simple change can click us into gear.

The “You Validation” first-week class at the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) is a beautiful example of the power of recalibrating words for mental and spiritual empowerment.

During the profound class experience, one by one, each person must listen to all the other people in the circle saying something nice about them – anything from “You are so friendly every time I see you,” to “It’s inspiring to hear you share your story.” Instead of being able to brush off the compliments or shoot them down with a self-deprecating remark, the person in the spotlight can only say, “Thank you!”

It’s overwhelming, sometimes embarrassing, and ultimately very healing to be able to hear nice things about ourselves, and to accept them as reality. Through the You Validation class, people have permanently changed their perspective about themselves, and started to win at the word game.

When we understand the power of our words, we are able to create affirmations to effectively guide us on our spiritual path, and nourish our minds.

“Affirmations are like planning seeds in the ground,” explains Louise Hay, author and spiritual visionary. “It takes some time to go from a seed to a full-grown plant. And so it is with affirmations…it takes some time from the first declaration to the final demonstration. So be patient.”

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Meditation is the Gift You Give Yourself

No matter how stressed or scattered you feel, an instant solution for serenity, clarity and peace is right in front of your nose. Close your eyes and take a long, slow, deep breath. Now release it, slowly. Do that two more times.

You just gave yourself the gift of touching into the meditative Alpha state, where you’re automatically releasing stress and negative feelings, increasing self-confidence and awareness, and bringing the body, mind and spirit into gentle balance. By mindfully turning your focus inward, you can feel energized, tune out distractions, solve problems and get clarity.

Alpha meditation is not a “one-size-fits-all” practice. From sitting in mindful silence, to listening to a guided visualization, to toning in a big group to simply lying quietly in bed a few minutes before you get up, meditation is anything that lets you quiet your mind through contemplation and reflection.

While it’s a deeply personal and self-affirming exercise, meditation is proving it’s also a valuable tool for defusing tensions and sparking creativity for groups.

In some communities, police officers meditate with members of the community. Fortune 500 companies like Ford, Google, and General Mills teach and encourage meditation for their executives and employees. Even professional sports teams frequently meditate before a game.

Optimum Health Institute (OHI) teaches the Alpha method to enter a meditative state. Sit straight with your feet firmly on the floor, place your thumb, index finger and middle finger together, and rest your hands, palms up, on your legs. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. You can repeat a word or phrase that has meaning for you, like “peace,” “I am surrounded in light,” or “love.” Imagine a relaxing sensation, like a wave of tranquil water, start at the crown of your head and gently flow through your entire body, exiting at your feet.

Slowly repeat your phrase, or just count, as you drift into a state of complete relaxation. At this point of deep receptivity, you can focus on a specific intent – like resolving a conflict, pain control or forgiveness – or simply continue conscious breathing and heightened awareness.

When you have completed your meditation, take a deep breath, and affirm, “Every day in every way I am getting better and better, healthier and healthier, happier and happier.” Slowly count from one to five, becoming more alert with each number. Take a moment to reflect on insights you may have received in the Alpha state.

Alpha meditation is just one of the transformative things you will learn during a visit to OHI in San Diego or Austin, Texas. Come help us celebrate 40 years of holistic healing, and take advantage of Optimum Summer Retreat multiple-week special deals through the week beginning 9-10-17. Visit our website at, and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.

Smarter Food Choices = A Smarter Brain

“Healthful whole foods improve our brain function as well.” -- Marilu Henner

Affirmation: Today I will make mindful plant-based food choices, knowing that what I eat not only fuels my body, but has a direct impact on my mood and mental clarity as well.

Smarter Food Choices = A Smarter Brain

When Optimum Health Institute (OHI) opened its doors 40 years ago, the raw, organic plant-based diet at the heart of the holistic healing program was widely viewed with skepticism. Today, scientists, medical doctors and nutritionists agree OHI has the recipe not only for a healthy body, but also for a healthy brain.

Adhering to a food plan of mostly vegetables, seeds and nuts, with very limited animal products, sugar and saturated fat, is shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 53%. Here are some of the healthiest food choices to protect and nourish your brain:

Underneath that dimpled green skin, the flesh of the avocado serves up both vitamin K and folate, helping to prevent strokes while improving memory and concentration. Their high monosaturated fat – the good kind – helps keep blood sugar levels in balance, and gives your skin a healthy glow. They’re also high in protein.

Consider making beets a regular addition to your meals. While they boost blood flow to the brain, they also reduce inflammation and raise performance levels.

As a garnish, in a smoothie, or just by the handful, blueberries are hard to beat. This delicious super food packs in more antioxidants than nearly any other vegetable or fruit. With high levels of gallic acid, blueberries are especially good at keeping our brains stress-free and high-functioning.

To keep your memory sharp and fill up on healthy fiber, choose broccoli. Just one cup serves up 150% of your minimum daily requirement of vitamin C, too.

For a vegetable that uses more calories to chew than it has in a whole stalk, celery is a nutritional powerhouse. Besides bursting with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, celery is loaded with high levels of antioxidants and polysaccharides, natural anti-inflammatories that help alleviate symptoms related to inflammation, like joint pain and irritable bowel syndrome.

Leafy greens help keep dementia at bay with vitamins A and K. A single cup of kale has more than 684 percent of your recommended daily serving! Those are the vitamins you require to fight inflammation and keep bones strong

Just a few walnuts a day provide high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for mental alertness. The vitamin E in the nuts can also help ward off Alzheimer’s.

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Creating a Positive Mental State

The link between our mental and physical states is so profound and closely integrated scientists have even coined a term for it – the Mindbody. The late Dr. Candace Pert, a globally respected neuroscientist and pharmacologist, broke new medical ground with her research offering evidence that “your body is your subconscious mind.” The Optimum Health Store carries Dr. Pert’s books and CDs.

When our brain is stressed with worries, fears and visions of all the things that could or are going wrong in our life, our body will respond accordingly. Back and chest pains, high blood pressure, insomnia, constipation, fatigue, headaches and weight gain or loss can frequently become physical manifestations of poor emotional health.

A recent TIME magazine special showed that more positive emotional states – like happiness, optimism, contentment and hopefulness – could lessen the severity or even the risk of developing physical symptoms. A similar study reported that optimism could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%.

The relatively new field of positive psychology suggests that simple decisions to focus on what’s going right, rather than what’s going wrong, can measurably raise our level of optimism. For instance, pausing each evening for a week before we go to bed to focus on the three most wonderful things we experienced that day will boost our joy level for six months. Making the practice an on-going habit will continue to keep us in a more positive mental state.

Besides making a conscious decision to acknowledge all the good things unfolding in our lives, meditation is another excellent way to quiet the mind, increase our optimism, and nurture the body and spirit.

Meditation advocates from Buddhists to cardiologists encourage us to make the practice a regular part of our daily lives. M.R.I brain scans show that taking time daily to enter into a deep meditative state even changes the brain’s structure, increasing gray matter in the area of the brain governing learning and memory. Meditation also reduces gray matter in the region associated with anxiety and stress.

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Experience the Optimum Summer Retreat

Summertime – and the living is easy. With longer days and a slower pace, it’s the perfect season to give yourself a vacation from stress. Discover how taking some well-deserved nurturing time can help you push the healthy ‘reset’ button for your body, mind, and spirit.

With a 40-year track record of supporting people’s healing journey, the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) is making this summer a special opportunity for finding inner peace, mental clarity, and more happiness.

During your rejuvenating OHI Summer Retreat stay, our team members will support and encourage you as you take a few weeks to build yourself up and go deeper. Surrounded in the serene beauty of our artfully landscaped grounds, you will rediscover the tools you require to developmental sharpness, concentration, and self-awareness; slow the aging process; boost your immune system and improve your cardiovascular health, all while feeling more centered and content.

Enjoy a different delicious live, raw, organic plant-based lunch and dinner every day of your visit while you renew old friendships, and make new ones. Feel more empowered with each class, and discover again how gentle exercise helps quiet the mind and celebrate the spirit.

Be eligible for discounts and services valued up to $1,000 when you book a two or three-week OHI Summer Retreat for the week beginning 6/18/17 through the week beginning 9/10/17.

You’ll receive a Summer Mental Nourishment kit with the books, CDs, and DVDs selected to inspire and motivate you to stick with OHI’s holistic healing program while you’re visiting, and after you return home.

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