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OHI offers a holistic healing program based on ancient spiritual disciplines that promotes healing of your body, mind, and spirit through all-natural, non-medical practices.

How You Can Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit in Just 3 Weeks

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Many Americans struggle to revitalize their bodies. Unfortunately, attempting the process alone often yields little or no results, and only works to frustrate the individual even more. Fortunately, the Optimum Health Institute uses alternative medicine to help completely transform you in less than a month.

Participants who enroll in our program will start by attending a welcome orientation in which we provide an overview on our program, classes, activities, facility, and offered services. There are several things you can expect during your three-week program, including:

· Circle time before each meal allows us to share announcements in fellowship, pray together, and focus on an inspiration word for the day.

· Daily wheatgrass juicing to cleanse cells, and purify the blood.

· Gentle exercise and morning walk to stimulate the lymphatic system to help eliminate body toxins, promote the healing process, and boost immune system function.

· Afternoon stretch class to help gain flexibility, increase blood circulation, calm your mind, and relax your body for the rest of the day.

· A release ceremony in which participants can burn a list of events in their past that no longer serve them well.

· Inspirational testimonials from guests who share their stories about emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healing.

· Friday night live sessions in which you can share your own personal talents.

· Saturday night movie nights.

· Closing classes in which you set realistic goals, aim for progress, journal said progress, and continue on the road toward optimum health.

At Optimum Health Institute, our three-week program can help you achieve a balanced lifestyle through holistic practices.  To learn more about our holistic healing program offered at our San Diego and Austin centers, visit Optimum Health Institute or call us today at (800) 993-4325

Exploring What's In Store for You During Week Two at Optimum Health Institute

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Each week of Optimum Health Institute’s holistic healing program is designed to help you master the different tools you need to promote a healthy lifestyle.

During your second week at Optimum Health Institute, you will start taking classes that expand on what you learned and experienced during week one. Your classes during week two will include:

· Sprouting instruction, in which you learn how to soak and sprout nuts, grains, beans, and seeds in order to activate an inherit life force within the food.

· Fermented foods and recipes class, during which you can learn how to make fermented foods that will aid digestion. This includes foods such as sauerkraut, seed cheese, and rejuvelac.

· Enzyme course, wherein you can discover how enzymes function in both your body and in food.

· Menu planning, in which you will learn how to plan nutritious meals that allow you to maintain a healthy diet after you have left the program.

· Organic gardening, which teaches you how to support organic farmers and promote healthier eating habits.

· At-home follow-up class that helps you review the key guidelines to maintaining a cleansing diet.

· Personal care class, in which you make your own organic face mask for a radiant glow.

· Focus 1 and 2 classes. These classes encourage you use your OHI planner to identify your highest priorities, including your goals, core values, and how you ultimately spend your time.

· Conscious breathing classes that allow you to discover the spiritual disciplines used to release stress, increase emotional awareness, control pain, facilitate personal growth, and enhance concentration through breathing techniques.

· Communication course designed to help you master different communication styles for more efficient communication.

Our courses are designed to help you discover that your life is a gift in which you learn new ways to live your life.

Visit Optimum Health Institute online or call (800) 993-4325 to set up a reservation for our three-week holistic healing program in San Diego or Austin.

Understanding the Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

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Fruits and vegetables lose a considerable amount of their nutrients when they are heated above 105 Fahrenheit. Eating foods that are raw allows you to take advantage of all the vital nutrients within food, many of which are necessary for your health and wellbeing. At Optimum Health Institute, we prepare raw meals using dehydrated, fermented, and fresh foods that are combined to provide optimum nutrition.

Improved Digestion

Your body utilizes enzymes to help digest food. Raw fruits and vegetables naturally contain enzymes that are destroyed when the food is cooked. By consuming a raw diet, you can provide your body with additional enzymes, allowing for better digestion and absorption of foods and nutrients.

Benefits of Juice Fasting

One benefit of a juice fast are that the food is easily digested with minimal energy by the body.  With a juice fast you can take advantage of the vital nutrients in food without the taxing digestion.  Also, another benefit is that a juice fast is alkalizing to the body pH.  Eating an alkalizing diet, as opposed to an acidic diet, can help with a myriad of physical complaints and illnesses.

Reduced Risk of Diseases

There are a number of chemicals and nutrients found naturally in raw foods that can help prevent diseases. For example, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale contain high amounts of isothiocyanates, a group of chemicals that have been shown to help fight cancer. Cooking these vegetables eliminates the isothiocyanates within them. A raw diet has also been found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower overall cholesterol levels.

Healthier Weight

A raw food diet promotes a healthy body weight. The consumption of high amounts of raw food and vegetables eliminates excess fat and sugars from the diet. In addition, better digestion may result in higher energy levels which can make regular exercise easier to accomplish.

At Optimum Health Institute, we serve a variety of raw-live foods, juice fasting, and wheatgrass to promote restoring your body to its natural balance. Our meals do not contain nuts or oils, which can hinder the detoxification process. To learn more about the raw food diet from Optimum Health Institute of San Diego and Austin, call us today at (800) 993-4325.

5 Core Classes to Help You Build a Foundation for a Healthy Life

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At Optimum Health Institute, we provide a holistic healing program that can help you cleanse and nourish your body while focusing your mind and renewing your spirit. Participants in our holistic healing program have the opportunity to attend a number of classes, including our core classes which will help you build a solid foundation for healing.

New Guest Orientation

During this core class, you will become familiar with the courses, activities, and services that are available to you. In addition, the facility itself will be introduced. This orientation provides you with the information required to begin your health journey.

Wheatgrass Juicing

Wheatgrass provides a number of nutritional and health benefits. You can join our daily class and learn how to juice this potent raw food. You can also visit the greenhouse to see how wheatgrass is grown.

Lymphatic Exercise

Participating in gentle exercise on a regular basis is a great way to help cleanse your body and stimulate the healing process. This daily class includes a series of gentle movements designed to stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins.

Release Ceremony

An important part of beginning your healing journey is letting go of the habits, thoughts, and practices that held you back. In this safe environment, you can burn a list of anything from your past that is no longer helpful to you. This process allows you to release negative aspects from your life so you can focus on positive intentions.

Inspirational Testimonials

During this core class, you will listen to the testimonials of other guests who have participated in Optimum Health Institute’s holistic healing program. You will learn about the journeys of others and hear the impact on their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

These are only some of our core classes of the healing program at Optimum Health Institute. To learn more about our holistic healing programs in San Diego or Austin, call us today at (800) 993-4325.

An Overview of Week 1 at Optimum Health Institute

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The holistic healing program offered by Optimum Health Institute is a 21-day program which is provided in three week-long sessions. Week 1 of the program is designed to help participants recognize the connection that exists between the body, the mind, and the spirit. This week also provides basic tools that support and inspire self reliance in living a holistic lifestyle.  The following are examples of some of the topics we offer in the first weeks classes.

Introduction to the Program

During the first week, participants are introduced to the importance of balancing their lives using a combination of purpose, a positive attitude, persistence, patience and prayer. Participants are encouraged to become aware of the needs of their body, mind, and spirit.

Cleansing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Total cleansing is necessary to provide the foundation for healing. During the first week of the holistic healing program, the body is cleansed of toxins by utilizing the benefits of wheatgrass, juice fasting, colon cleansing, exercise, and massage. Participants are also encouraged to detoxify emotionally and to understand the connection between their emotions and their health. Mental detoxification is promoted by the replacing negative thoughts with positive intentions.

Relaxation and Self-esteem

Relaxation is essential for the management of stress and pain. At Optimum Health Institute, we teach Alpha meditation techniques to quiet the mind and promote healing. The importance of self-esteem and the acceptance of one’s self for total wellness are also introduced during the first week of the holistic healing program.

Holistic Lifestyle Skills

Participants in our program our introduced to useful appliances to implement a holistic lifestyle, such as juicers, dehydrators, and sprouting supplies. The process of growing and juicing wheatgrass, which provides a number of nutritional benefits, will be discussed. An introduction to combining foods to maximize nutrient absorption is also included in the first week.

It is possible to bring your life, your self, and your body into balance. Our holistic healing programs in San Diego and Austin can be completed in three week-long segments or all at once. To learn more about holistic healing and the services we provide, call Optimum Health Institute today at (800) 993-4325.

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