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Jan 15, 2012 | | ,
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"Each and every time I've gone to Optimum Health Institute, I have reversed something bad that was happening in my body.  The first time decades ago, weight (40 lbs. that never came back), the second time, a bad pap smear ( in two weeks it was normal again), the third time, a frozen shoulder (my mom died with two frozen shoulders and her back and neck were hunched because of the pain), the fourth time, a breast tumor (shrinkage showed on ultra-sounds I used to monitor).  The last occurred because I was in an unhappy marriage and was drinking more alcohol than my body could detox.  

I have never stayed on the diet for more than two years (the second time) but I changed my eating habits so that I knew how and when I needed to detox.  Now, at age 60, my doctor writes down what I do and says to keep doing it.  Most people think I am 10 years younger than my actual age.  Many women in my family have died at age 54 of a heart attack, so I've beat the odds."

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