Tools for Change- Taking the OHI Program Home


Count on the Food-prep Fab Four To Recreate OHI’s Meals at Home

After returning from a rejuvenating, invigorating week – or several – at the Optimum Health Institute, you feel energized and rejuvenated, your thinking is clearer, and you’re looking at the world, and your life, in a healthier, happier way.  You vow you’re going to bring the program home with you, and change everything in your life to comply.

While that kind of initial enthusiasm is commendable, realistically, it’s wise to introduce changes into your old lifestyle gently and gradually so you can stay focused on implementing your good intentions.  The perfect place to begin is in the heart of your home — your kitchen.

When you’re fueling your body, mind and spirit with the live, raw, organic vegan foods you were served at OHI, it’s much easier to keep a clear head and feel empowered to continue making healthier choices.  Studies show it’s harder to maintain a clear mind and joyful spirit when your body is weighed down with toxins from processed food.

For a healthy kitchen makeover, you’ll need the Food-Prep Fab Four:

  • A high quality chef’s knife
  • A Vitamix or other high-powered blender
  • A dehydrator
  • A juicer

The Knife: With each new meal delivered up to you by the dedicated kitchen staff at OHI, you were presented with a rainbow of fresh raw vegetables artfully chopped, sliced, minced and diced to give you optimum flavors and nutrition.  That’s why if you’re going to invest in one new item to help you make a life-long switch to healthy eating, you should get a quality chef’s knife.  With minimal care, this is the essential tool for recreating those delicious raw meals in your own kitchen.  When you see how much easier it is to julienne carrots or chop onions with a properly weighted big knife, you’ll actually start to enjoy preparing raw foods. 

The Vitamix: Fresh salsas, raw soups, hearty green drinks – all of them are a snap with a quality blender.  After you’re prepped your vegetables and fruits with that great knife, a few seconds in the blender transforms them into limitless meal possibilities.  Use the raw food recipes that come with the appliance, or check out some of the raw food recipe books at the Optimum Health Store.  This appliance will be your personal sous chef.

A dehydrator: You learned at OHI that heating foods over temperatures of 105 will destroy essential nutrients.  With a dehydrator, you can turn the heat down and still turn out batches of crackers, bite-sized pizzas, even corn chips and fruit leathers, that are bursting with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, nutrients and taste.  Preserve fruits and vegetables at their seasonal peak; make live raw vegan “cheese;” create your own special seasoning by dehydrating tomatoes, garlic and onions, then grinding them into a fine powder.  This appliance is a real kid-pleaser, too.  Dehydrated fruits taste just like candy, with none of the artificial sweeteners or coloring.

A juicer: This last member of the Food-Prep Fab Four will be a versatile team player.  It can provide fresh wheatgrass juice.  It can transform fruits and veggies into instant and energizing drinks.  And the vegetable pulp it creates can be used to make dehydrated crackers.

See how this tried and proved Food-Prep Fab Four can be your home-front support for transitioning to a healthier OHI-inspired life.  And for recipes, go online to , and find the newsletters in our “About Us” section. Each one has a delicious OHI-approved meal with step-by-step instructions for recreating it at home. You can also find tips on taking the OHI program home with you, recipes and more at .

You can order dehydrators, juices and sprouting equipment from the OHI Store by calling (888)643-7867

When your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, you can achieve good health. If you are looking for a holistic healing program, in San Diego or Austin, visit Optimum Health Institute . We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. To make your reservation, call us at (800) 993-4325 to learn more.