All About Tea Tree Oil

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Botanicals derived from pure, natural plant sources can offer a number of healing benefits without causing the irritation or side effects of synthetic chemicals found in common medications and personal care products. Tea tree oil is one type of versatile botanical with several uses that you might explore as you discover the holistic healing properties that plant sourced extracts can provide. Below is a closer look at the healing qualities of pure tea tree oil.

Where tea tree oil comes from

Tea tree oil, which also goes by the synonym tea tree essential oil, come from the plant known by the Latin botanical name of Melaleuca alternifolia. This evergreen tree which can also grow as a tall shrub is native to sunny and moist parts of Australia. Here tea tree oil has been a topical treatment for centuries, mainly because the tea tree plant is native to this part of the world and many are familiar with its healing properties. Many times you can find tea tree oil in personal care items such as lotions, shampoos, and due to the natural occurring antiseptic qualities found in this oil. However, Tea tree oil solutions common in stores today range in their concentration of the oil, and many uses only require a 5-10% solution of tea tree oil, as the oil is highly potent.

How to use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is not intended to be ingested, and it should only be applied to the skin or used for therapeutic aromatherapy. Because tea tree oil is antibacterial and antiviral, it can be helpful in treating sinus infections, skin and nail infections, acne, and sore throats. Tea tree oil can be directly applied to the skin, nails, or hair; it can also be used in scented oil burners or be added to boiling hot water to create a soothing inhalation treatment.

Health benefits of use

The most common applications of tea tree oil utilize its antibiotic properties to fight skin infections that may be stubborn to respond to other treatments. Some studies have even shown tea tree oil to be effective in treating MRSA, which is a serious infection with a high resistance to antibiotics. Still, tea tree oil is gentle enough for use as an acne treatment on the delicate skin of the face. Tea tree oil products like, lip balm, body soap, essential oil and dental floss can be purchased at the OHI store. Call (888) 643-7867 and order some today!

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