Unlocking the Power of Beets

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As you transition to a vibrant, primarily raw detoxifying diet through the guidance of Optimum Health Institute , you may begin to appreciate the incredible nutritional value of foods that you might have avoided in the past. Beets are one of the most powerful foods that you might begin to enjoy more often, and they have much more to offer than you might expect, given the generally negative reputation of this vegetable.

Nutritional Components

Not only do beets have significantly more iron per serving than green vegetables such as spinach, but they are also high in the phytonutrient betaine . This amazing antioxidant nutrient is integral to the detoxification process, because it helps to cleanse the liver, blood, and intestines of free radicals that might lead to cancer or early signs of aging. Beets are also exceptionally high in fiber, which aids in digestion; vitamin A, which promotes eye and bone health; vitamin C, which boosts immunity; and niacin, which counteracts bad cholesterol in the body. All of these nutritional qualities come in a tasty, colorful package with no fat and few calories.

Alkalizing Properties

Along with a huge nutritional contribution that can fuel your body, beets provide cleansing properties that can facilitate a transition to a healthier lifestyle. This quality is attributed to the alkalizing properties of beets. Many processed or unhealthy foods are acid-forming and somewhat toxic to the body. As an alkalizing food, beets have just the opposite effect when they are consumed on a regular basis.

Delicious Culinary Applications

Beets are a notoriously disliked vegetable, but there are many ways to try preparing them so that they are more palatable. In raw applications where beets are shredded or shaved, beets tend to be sweeter than when they are cooked, and they preserve more of the nutritional value that makes them so powerful. Juicing with beets and making beet chips through vegetable dehydration are also great ways to indulge in this health enhancing food.

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