Guest Spotlight: Meet Nila Sinha, an annual guest at OHI Austin!

Nila Sinha first learned about OHI Austin 15 years ago, but it took a big life change to springboard her into booking a visit.  “I heard about OHI from my family’s NAET practitioner in South Florida,” said Nila.  “She had been a regular at OHI San Diego for over a decade, and raved about it.  At the time it was early in my career when I was traveling a great deal, and feeling very stressed and burned out.  The detox sounded like a great way to get my body back on track in order to better handle my work stress, but I just couldn’t take a whole week off, let alone three weeks.  I vowed to visit OHI ‘someday’.”

That “someday” eventually came for Nila in July 2018.  “Basically, my whole life fell apart in the span of two weeks,” said Nila.  “My 19-year career with a company abruptly ended at the same time that my marriage ended.  I was in an emotional free fall!  I tried to flip my perspective, and see these big life changes as an opportunity and not a loss.  I pulled together a list of things I had always wanted to do if I had the time, and a visit to OHI was at the top of the list.  I was long overdue for some self-care.”

Nila arrived at OHI looking for help.  “Physically, I was experiencing sleep apnea, the lethargy and discomfort from 60 pounds of excess weight, and lots of inflammation in my joints,” said Nila.  “Emotionally, I was feeling completely adrift.  I committed to a three-week stay at OHI Austin, so I could completely detox and give my body the rest it so desperately needed.  After the first week, I could feel the fog in my brain lifting, and began to feel at home in my body.  My inflammation was markedly reduced, and I was amazed that I could sit cross-legged on the floor without discomfort.  I hadn’t been able to do that for years!  After three weeks, I returned to home with a life plan for healthy eating, as well as the mental and emotional confidence to tackle a new career.  I soon launched my own consulting business, and being my best healthy self is essential to the coaching and leadership development side of my business.  I couldn’t have done it without the energy I’ve gained from detoxing at OHI!”

The pandemic turned everyone’s lives upside down, but Nila still found time for a visit to OHI Austin.  “I have returned to OHI Austin at least once a year since July 2018.  I try to spend at least two weeks on campus for a total body/mind/spirit reset.  I used to come in July, but after the challenges that 2020 brought all of us, I ended up spending two weeks at OHI Austin right before New Year’s.  It was such a rewarding way to start 2021!  I was already on a renewed path to better mental and physical health, and not just making resolutions about it.”

Nila used the 5 P’s to optimum health (purpose, positive mental attitude, persistence, patience, and prayer) to help her heal. “The 5 P’s allow me to live with intention so that I don’t lose my way again,” said Nila. “Purpose, patience, and persistence have particularly helped on my healing journey. I continue to focus on a foundation theme or intention (purpose), kindness to myself (patience), and a mentality to just breathe and jump in knowing I have to trust that I can handle whatever comes my way (persistence).  I have let go of self-criticism, which I had somehow thought was part of my search for excellence.  OHI has taught me to take a more loving approach towards myself, and to trust my inner wisdom.  I focus more on finding the small gifts in every day life, and being grateful for those things has helped me feel joy.”

Each time she returns to OHI, Nila feels a rush of comfort and familiarity.  “As I drive onto the OHI campus, I feel an immediate relaxation of my shoulders, and a feeling of hope and safety.  I look forward to that feeling of restoration that I know will come within just a couple of days.  OHI is the place I can always come back to if I need help finding my footing on my path in life.  And when I’m not on campus, they’ve taught me how to take responsibility for my own good health.  For me, a juice fast helps reset my body/mind/spirit in times of stress.  I try to do a juice fast at least once a week to give my body a rest.  If guests learn just one thing at OHI, it’s how to listen to their body, and give it the healing it needs.”

Come to OHI and learn the 5 Ps to optimum health. We will motivate you to stick with your commitment to health and discover new ways to empower yourself. Explore the holistic healing program offered at OHI. This program offers three week-long sessions, where you will learn to cleanse the body, quiet the mind and awaken the spirit.

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