Optimum Pizza Delivers Great Taste


Just about everyone loves pizza!  But all that fat from the cheese and empty calories from the crust can be a killer…literally.  Our wizards in the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) kitchens have cooked up – or rather dehydrated – a delicious and healthy alternative that coaxes tons of satisfying flavor from seeds, grains and vegetables.
It takes a little time to create because of the dehydrating required, so plan ahead; then prepare to be delighted with this delicious recipe that’s been a guest favorite for years.
This recipe yields 8 servings, or 2 pizzas.

Gomashio “Cheese” Topping

2 cups dehydrated sesame seeds (or dried sesame pulp)

1 Tbs. garlic powder 1 Tbs. celery flakes

Blend ingredients together and set aside for sprinkling on top of the pizza.


1/2 cup flax seeds

4 cups rye berries

2 cups water

Grind dry flax. Blend berries and water. Add flax to batter, stir until smooth. Spoon half the mixture at a time onto dehydrator sheets to make two crusts and let dry at 105 degrees for 24 hours.

Flip pizza crusts and let dry for another 6-8 hours.

Add sauce and toppings immediately before serving.


4 ripe organic tomatoes

1/2 small onion

1/2 carrot

1/2 cup OHI Tomato Seasoning (1/2 cup dehydrated onion, ½ cup dehydrated tomato, ¼ cup dehydrated green and red bell peppers; grind into powder and store in an air-right jar.)

Pinch each of basil, oregano

Blend all ingredients together until smooth.


1 yellow bell pepper

1 orange bell pepper

1 red bell pepper

1 onion

2-3 Tbs. pizza seasoning

Dice peppers and onion. Add seasoning and mix well.

Top dehydrated crusts with sauce, toppings and Gomashio.

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