Word of the Day

OHI Chapel Garden

There’s a beautiful Native American spiritual tradition that consists of finding an old tree, and prayerfully sitting beneath it from sunrise to nightfall.  In addition to requiring great discipline to remain in that single spot, the exercise puts the person in touch with how the wisdom and energy of the tree shifts during the course of the entire day.

In much the same way, the Word of the Day tradition at Optimum Health Institute (OHI) gives guests a single word, like “Hope,” to metaphorically “sit with” the entire day, and see how the wisdom and energy of that word changes with the passing hours.  During Morning Prayer time, when the word is delivered, guests meditate on the word and sent their intention for the day. Hope may feel crisp and charged with new possibilities. 

In afternoon prayer time, guests are to meditate on the same word, but now from a space of motivating and inspiring them.  This time, Hope may be deeper, more encompassing, radiating patience and purpose for the body, mind and spirit. 

That evening, facilitators instruct guests to meditate on Hope in a contemplative way.  By going deep inside the word they’ve “sat with” all day, they will see yet another fresh new meaning – perhaps one that transcends a mere day to day existence, and expands to encompass the joyful, limitless Hope of divine purpose and grace.

All three times they revisit that same word, they receive the gift of a new and completely different way to understand and apply it to their lives.  The word remains the same, but the rhythms of the day, and their body, mind and spirit, constantly enhance and deepen the meaning of that word. It’s a wonderful, inspiring and transformational way to include daily prayer throughout the day.  It effectively demonstrates how going into the Alpha state unlocks creativity and spiritual awareness, drawing each person ever deeper into a personal experience of God.

Here is our list of inspiring words:

Acceptance, compassion, courage, faith, fellowship, forgiveness, generosity, gratitude, healing, honesty, hope, humor, kindness, love, patience, peace, respect, surrender, trust, truth, wisdom.

Try the exercise yourself, journal your experience and remember when your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, you can achieve good health. If you are looking for a holistic healing program, in San Diego or Austin, visit Optimum Health Institute . We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. Call us at (800) 993-4325 to learn more.