Food Enzymes: Why They Should Be a Priority in Your Diet


The food you eat is the fuel on which your body runs, and the type of food you choose to consume has a significant impact on your immunity and holistic health . If you eat a high volume of processed foods, you will be more likely to experience health challenges because you are not getting the nutrients your body needs to run efficiently. Ideally, you should choose a raw diet of whole foods that will give you optimal nutrition, including the beneficial qualities of enzymes.

What is an enzyme?

Enzymes are naturally present in an array of foods, particularly vegetables and fruits. They are proteins that facilitate better bodily function by causing reactions during the process of digestion. You might think of enzymes like antioxidants, as they perform similar functions, including cleansing of free radicals, reducing inflammation, and digesting fat. Eating foods that contain enzymes will help you experience these benefits. Incorporating as many raw vegetables and fruits in your diet will be extremely beneficial. Heat causes enzymes to break down, so cooking food will diminish its richness in valuable enzymes.

Which foods contain beneficial enzymes?

The foods richest in enzymes are those considered to be some of the healthiest foods you can consume. As you boost your intake of enzymes, you will notice that you have more energy, get sick less often, and feel an encompassing sense of wellness. Foods that you should include in your diet are sprouted grains, papaya, radish and alfalfa sprouts, pineapple, and kale.  Each of these foods contains a different type of enzyme that detoxifies the body and optimizes digestive function. Properly combining enzyme-rich foods is the best way to harness all the benefits of these powerful proteins. Juicing, dehydrating, and fermenting foods will help you prepare them for raw consumption.

Medical research indicates that, as we age, our enzyme supply diminishes. Nature has placed enzymes in raw food to aid in the digestion process, instead of forcing the body’s enzymes to do all the work. If you eat cooked food, you should consult with a qualified nutritionist to determine if you could benefit from a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement.

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