Your Body, Your Mirror


Candace Pert, the internationally recognized pharmacologist who has published over 250 scientific articles and numerous books, scientifically proved that every cell of our bodies has its own separate consciousness.  She also says holistic physicians of the not-too-distant future will ask patients three questions – what are you eating, how are you moving, and what are you thinking.

She, along with medical intuitive Carolyn Myss, has seen in their work how, as Myss says, “our biography literally becomes our biology.”  The things we dwell on, those stories we hold on to about our appearance, our self-worth or our emotional vulnerability, will eventually manifest in our physical form.

For instance, if your parents called you “fat” when you were a child, there’s an excellent chance you’ve never outgrown the feeling of being overweight, even when the scale indicates everything’s in balance.  Holding on to that story is fertile ground for developing a serious eating disorder, whether it’s a secret one, like bulimia, or one that’s more obvious, like anorexia or obesity.

If we believe a story that gives us low self esteem, our slouching posture, or the tentative way we enter a room, loudly trumpets our self-fulfilling fear that “we’re not worthy.”

Medical intuitives like Myss point out the body stores various emotions, which are usually always tied to our stories, in very specific organs of the body.  Grief and sadness, for instance, settle into the lungs.  Resulting symptoms, like shortness of breath, chronic bronchitis, cough and frequent colds and allergies, will continue to manifest until the root cause of the sorrow is pinpointed, and we can finally release that old story.

Fear, weak willpower and insecurity can take hold of the kidneys, resulting in frequent urinary tract infections, or lower back pain.  Unresolved anger grips the liver, while emotional stress goes right for the heart and adjacent thymus gland, resulting in the immune system crashing.  Approximately two weeks after a breakup or other hurtful emotional situation, if we keep replaying the “tape” of that sad story, it’s very common to suffer a cold.

The idea that the body files away our memories and emotions has, during our lifetime, evolved from a long-held spiritual belief to a scientifically acknowledged fact.

Several years ago neurologists in Canada were conducting brain surgery on a patient, and the man needed to remain awake for the procedure.  When one of the doctors stimulated a specific part of the man’s brain, the patient spontaneously recalled a long-forgotten childhood incident in astonishing detail.  The doctor stopped the connection, and the memory just as quickly vanished.  But when the doctor re-stimulated that exact region, the same memory sprang again into the man’s consciousness. 

While the brain literally stores the memories, it is our conscious and subconscious minds that create the “stories” we weave around the people, places and things from our past that will be mirrored in our bodies.

In her audiobook, Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Pert asserts that massage and other body work modalities are excellent ways to release old memories stored in our cells.  She even laughingly recalls a particular time she reflexively reached out to punch her chiropractor when he was working on a specific part of her body that obviously had issues!  He did manage to jump out of the way in time, she assures us.

Just knowing that our body literally holds on to old stories, and can physically reflect an imbalance of emotions, gives us the opportunity to consciously reframe or even delete “old recordings” that might be preventing us from living a joyful, purposeful life in optimum health. 

Look into the mirror of you body and if you don’t love everything you see, know that you are free to change the story, and change the resulting physical issue. You have the power to rewrite your biography, and bring your biology into optimum balance.

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