Chew Your Food


As you take control of your health naturally , you will probably begin to pay more attention to the foods you consume and the effects they have on your body. While this is crucial to your health, it is not the only step you should take in making dietary changes. When you change the foods you eat, you should also change the way that you eat them. More specifically, you should be sure to chew your food thoroughly so that you support good digestion.

Are you chewing properly?

Naturally, you are used to chewing your food, but there is a proper way of doing so that can benefit your whole body. Chewing is where your body begins to process and digest food, so this step should not be taken lightly when you sit down for a meal. Chew slowly and do so multiple times, studies have shown it is beneficial to chew somewhere between 30-40 times . If you set down your eating utensil between each bite, you will be more conscious of the speed at which you are eating and will force yourself to go slowly. All foods should be chewed this way for a better eating experience.

Why take the time?

When you chew your food correctly, it will take you longer to eat a meal or snack. You should consider this time a wise investment, because there are many benefits that come along with a conscious effort of better chewing. First, you will have the immediate reward of completely tasting your food. You can savor every bite and get the full flavor experience of everything you consume. This will make you more aware of what exactly you are eating and slow you down so that you do not overeat. Chewing thoroughly also breaks down your food more before it reaches your stomach, meaning that your digestive system has to do less work to get full nutrients from the food you eat. This will result in greater comfort after eating, along with an overall sense of general wellness.

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