Exploring the Benefits of Sprouting


Adjusting to a raw food diet can take some time, and it does require adopting new methods of food preparation that you may not be familiar with. Sprouting is one such method that can be done right at home with minimal effort and big nutritional payoff. The sprouting process begins with seeds, nuts, and grains that may otherwise be processed and cooked. Through sprouting, these foods are given more nutritional value and palatable, developed flavors.

How sprouting brings out the best in foods:

Sprouted foods offer higher quantities of protein, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals than their unsprouted seed counterparts. The reason why sprouts contain such nutrients is because these elements are necessary for growing germinating plants. Seeds are broken down through soaking, and complex compounds are simplified to enrich the nutritional value of the resulting plants.

How to sprout at home:

The key to sprouting seeds is moisture, and seeds need to be kept in a humid environment as they sprout and grow. The first step in the process is soaking seeds overnight and then rinsing them. This will hydrate the seeds and begin breaking down the compounds within them. Next, the seeds should be placed in a bag or jar where they need to be kept in a humid environment. As the seeds sprout, they should be rinsed so they stay moist and clean.

The possibilities for sprouting are nearly endless, as you can sprout all types of seeds and use them in a variety of applications, including juices, salads, and breads. You may choose to sprout wheatgrass, radish sprouts, alfalfa, mung beans, lentils, quinoa, pea shoots, mustard greens, or any other number of seeds! You can also find some organically produced sprouts in natural grocery stores, but the variety will be more limited than what you can sprout at home. Sprouts are a very important part of the OHI detox diet. Guests marvel at their texture and taste and look forward to the second week program where they learn how to sprout and incorporate sprouts into their diet once they return home.

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