Unlock Your Potential with a Vision Board


Knowing what you want out of life is the first step on the path to achieving your life goals. The idea of simply addressing and visualizing your goals and then accomplishing them seems too easy to actually work, but the reality is that you can gain more control than you might imagine by putting your dreams into a visual medium with a vision board.

Understanding Vision Boards

The concept of the vision board has been around for generations, but it gained a renewed interest and popularity after success expert and entrepreneur, John Assaraf related his story of using vision boards to achieve his dreams in the best-selling DVD documentary The Secret. Gaining the attention of notable celebrities like Larry King and Oprah, vision boards and the philosophy surrounding them have become famous. This fame is not unwarranted, because using vision boards can be the first step into an enlightened and enriching new plane of consciousness.

Starting on Your Own Vision Board

A vision board is simply a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to have, be or do in life. It consists of a flat surface with cut-out pictures, drawings and or words and phrases of the things that you want in your life or the things that you want to become. It requires a few inexpensive supplies, poster board, construction paper, glue, scissors, markers and magazines. You can even create a vision board on the computer and set it as your screen saver.

Making a vision board is more than just scrapbooking with photos from magazines and newspapers. Although these materials may be the basis for your board, they represent a much deeper meaning than superficial desires. A vision board is a simple yet powerful visualization tool that taps into our creative right brains and our subconscious. When you acquire pictures and headlines to add to your vision board, you should seek those that bring out a primal, physical response in you. Those images that render such a reaction can help you identify what it is that you truly want, which may have previously been veiled within your subconscious.

As you grow to realize what it is that you desire, you can shift your thinking to help you make that desire a reality. The theory is that you will begin to attract those things into your life. Your vision board will serve as the foundation for your own self-discovery that helps you unlock the secrets to your happiness. The Optimum Health Institute encourages the use of vision boards and every Saturday afternoon guests can attend a vision board making class.  In the Optimum Health store you can also find a kit developed by Assaraf called The Complete Vision Board Kit.

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