Your Emotions Create Your Life


It’s an exciting time to be on the planet.  During our lifetime, and actually just in the past few years, the scientific community has done a complete about-face concerning the power of our emotions.  While scientists initially discounted things that couldn’t be directly measured, now quantum science is taking these unseen forces into account. 

Dr. Gregg Braden, a geologist who dedicates his life to bringing science and spirituality together, shares in his book, The Divine Matrix, that laboratory experiments document how human emotion not only measurably changes our DNA – the impact of our emotions extends beyond our bodies, and into the physical world around us.

In other words, our emotions effectively influence and even create the life we live.

We at the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) are delighted that contemporary social science is addressing the concept we’ve been sharing since we opened our doors 35 years ago.  Our Emotional Detox class not only teaches that emotions are powerful – our facilitators give practical, positive tips on how to manage your emotions for the best results on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

All positive emotions have at their core “Love.”  Joy, excitement, hope, compassion, altruism – all these emotions are anchored by love.

All negative emotions have at their core “Fear.”  Worry, anxiety, guilt, regret, anger, impatience, doubt, suspicion – these emotions are anchored by our fear.

We also teach that first comes a thought – like, “Why is my date looking at that other person?”  The emotional component, in this case “jealousy,” follows close behind.  When we can intercept that negative thought immediately, we can stop ourselves from attaching a negative emotion to the thought, and simply neutralize it before it can have a harmful impact on us, or our environment.

If we let that negativity continue to build, the emotion of jealousy could give us a churning stomach, butterflies, rapid, shallow breathing that starves the brain and body of oxygen, and constricted blood vessels, which can physically injure the heart by raising blood pressure.  What we just did was assign a negative emotion to a fleeting negative thought, but the consequences to our body, mind and spirit will continue to create a toxic imbalance for quite a while.

Being mindful of our thoughts keeps us conscious of the fact that we assign emotions to our thoughts and feelings.  We have the power to cancel the negative emotion of jealousy, and replace it with a more positive thought, like, “That really IS an attractive person my date just noticed, which proves my date has great taste. And my date is with ME!”  The positive emotion of self-confidence replaces jealousy, and the effects in the body are equally positive.

An important part of emotional detoxification is knowing exactly what makes us happy, and actively focusing on it.

There’s a brand new branch of psychology called “Positive Psychology,” and it was developed by Dr. Marty Seligman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. When Dr. Seligman was elected president of the American Psychological Association in 1998, he got to decide what psychologists would research that year.  He reasoned that since the field had invested decades in studying what messed people up, it would be enlightening to instead research what made people happy.

The results of the study surprised the entire field of social sciences.  Contrary to what people had assumed, happiness was not measured by one’s income, appearance, age, geographical location or any of the other obvious choices.  Rather, it boiled down to three components – FAITH in a divine source greater than the individual; FRIENDS to support, inspire and validate, and LIVING A MEANINGFUL LIFE – doing something that truly mattered.  When that optimum trinity was in place, people were happy, and felt true love in their life.

Happiness is healing – laughter increases endorphin levels, reduces stress, increases cardiovascular activity and boosts our immune system.  You have to be happy to hear that!

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