De-stress Your Daily Commute

stressed driver

Commuting to work is a stressful task—particularly when you have more than 30 minutes of travel time to get to your job. Still, this burden is a necessary one, so you might consider making the experience less stressful while you are on the road. Numerous studies have linked long work commutes with increased risks of obesity, high blood pressure, and back pain, but there are some strategies you can use to reduce these risks and quiet your mind as you drive to work.

Clean your car

A clean, organized environment will help you feel more serene when you are on the road. Clutter in the car can cause distractions and be a source of unneeded anxiety, so remove any trash from your vehicle before you start driving. You might also keep a soothing air freshener in your car to help you feel relaxed and more comfortable.

Stretch before you drive

Being seated in a car is not ideal for your spine, because sitting down generates pressure in the lower back. Sitting for long periods is also bad for your circulation, so you should give your body some extra motion before you get in the car for your daily commute. Doing yoga or even taking a light morning jog or walk can provide your body with the liberating movement you need before being seated in one position during a long drive.

Put on calming music

Music can make a significant impact in reducing stress, especially if you stock your car with music that is lyrical, melodic, and soothing. Singing along with your music or chanting while you are in the car may also help you keep calm and positive even in the worst traffic.

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