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We are a word of mouth ministry here at OHI. We do not do incur any additional expense subscribing to outside advertising. This helps us keep our tuition and room fees very affordable compared to other holistic healing centers. We appreciate all of our guests who have become ambassadors for OHI helping to spread the word about our program to friends and family.

With the onset of online review sites, like Yelp and Google + we now have the ability to reach many others who might be looking for a holistic healing center.  Your message may be that beacon of light for a person in search of changes in their life, physically, mentally and spiritually. We would love to have your experience made available for online readers who may be considering a stay at OHI. Many people search daily on either of these sites looking for a place that can help them on their journey to wellness.

Please just click on the links below, they will take you to our review sites. It will take just a few short minutes to get your testimonial posted and it will then be available to others who are looking for a safe and sacred place to facilitate their healing.

Yelp- It’s easy to access our Yelp review page, Click here for OHI San Diego , Click here for OHI Austin. Click on “Write a Review” at the top of the page. New to Yelp? It’s easy to get started, just click in the upper right hand corner of the page.  

Google+ – Click on either link below to access our Google + page. Scroll to the bottom of the review page and click on “Write a Review”. If you do not have a gmail address you can create one by clicking on the create account button. If you already have a gmail/google account just login in. Click here for OHI San Diego, Click here   for OHI Austin.  

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