Heirloom Tomatoes: A Summertime Favorite

heirloom tomatoes

The vibrant selection of fresh fruits and vegetables available in the summertime offers the perfect assortment of delectable meal choices fit for a raw diet . Heirloom tomatoes in particular are a delicious summer treat that come in varieties of all shapes, colors, and flavors to incorporate into your warm weather meals. Here is a look at some facts about where heirloom tomatoes come from and how to select them for your healthy diet.

What makes heirloom tomatoes special?
While many tomatoes are given the name of heirloom tomatoes , there are some specific characteristics that make true heirloom tomatoes special. In order to be an heirloom, tomato varieties must be passed down through several generations and grown organically, often in small family farms or personal gardens. Unlike commercially grown tomatoes that are not genetically diverse, heirloom tomatoes are naturally pest-resistant and adapted to a wide range of growing conditions.

What are the varieties of heirloom tomatoes?
When you bite into an heirloom tomato, you can taste the incredible difference between it and a commercially produced tomato. You can also experience a variety of pleasing flavors paired with eye-catching colors of green, orange, red, and purple. Some of the most popular varieties of heirloom tomatoes that you might plant in your garden or pick up at a local farmer’s market include large red Brandywines, exceptionally sweet Super Snow Whites, or boldly striped Green Zebras.

How do you select heirloom tomatoes?
Choosing heirloom tomatoes at the market is unlike selecting commercially grown varieties, as standard grocery store tomatoes are intended to look symmetrical, be free of lines and blemishes, and feature an even color. Most varieties of heirloom tomatoes do not carry these characteristics, so you might experiment and explore different types so that you can discover those that please your palate most.

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