On the Rebound for Health


While most forms of exercise have their ups and downs, there’s one where that’s actually the big benefit.  Rebounding, or jumping on a mini-trampoline, is gaining in popularity in both classes and home use.

Participating in activities like yoga or tennis, or doing grueling workouts at the gym, can do wonders for your body. Any activity, though, is only beneficial if you commit to doing it on a regular basis.  A big thing rebounding has going for it – it’s fun, and reminiscent of those giant inflatable bounce houses everyone loved as a kid.

Rebounding helps increase bone density. Whether you just flex your knees and your feet never leave the rebounder, or you jump about half a foot off the mat, the resulting G-force works every bone, muscle and cell of your body.  With osteoporosis a growing concern today, this acceleration and deceleration has been shown to help people regain bone density they have lost as they aged.  NASA has been using rebounding to help astronauts reverse the osteoporosis that sets in while they’re in a weightless environment in space.

Do you suffer from frequent colds or joint pain?  Your lymph glands might be congested.  The lymph system collects excess fluid, fat and other toxins from our bodies to fight infections.  Rebounding’s constant acceleration and deceleration to the body is an excellent way to drain the entire lymph system.

While you’re hopping up and down on your mini-trampoline, having fun, you’re automatically helping to get your mind and body in sync.  You’re strengthening your heart, improving your circulation and linking your ocular nerves and inner ear canal to enhance your sense of balance and coordination.

Rebounding is the only exercise that engages every single cell of your body in a positive, mindful way.  It makes you breathe deeply, aids in the production of red blood cells, lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, assists digestion and elimination, tones your glands, slows down aging and reduces the possibility of obesity.  And did we mention it’s a lot of fun?

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