• How to Keep Moving When You Live a Desk-Bound Lifestyle

    If you work in a typical office environment, you do not have to face the burden of health problems that can arise from sitting in front of a computer for eight hours each day. People are simply not built to sit down, and this is proven by the wide range of issues associated with sedentary lifestyles revolving around desk jobs. From spinal disorders to heart disease, sitting in the workplace can pose many dangers to your health, but it is possible to prevent them with these simple strategies. 

    sitting at desk

    Take breaks for short walks
    You should get up and leave your desk at least once per hour. Take a short walk around the office or take advantage of the stairs and get a quick workout into your day. If you are unable to walk away from your desk, you might run in place, do a few jumping jacks, or use some quick stretches to relieve your body of pressure from sitting down.

    Consider a standing desk
    A healthy alternative to the traditional desk is the standing desk, which is highly beneficial for the spine and lower body. If a standing desk is not feasible, you can sit on an exercise ball for short periods throughout the day to boost your core strength and improve your balance. Even in a standard desk chair you can make improvements to your posture by sitting tall with a neutral spine and placing your computer screen at eye level.

    Stretch your shoulders and arms
    Typing for long periods of time can cause stiffness in the upper body, which may be relieved through shoulder and wrist stretches that you can do sitting down or standing up. With a rubber band wrapped around your fingers, you can create resistance as you push your fingers outward and relieve pressure on the nerves that cause carpal tunnel syndrome. You can stretch your shoulders by lifting your arms overhead with your hands clasped and palms facing up.

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  • Tuning In To Your Inner Wisdom

    woman thinking

    You have a difficult choice to make, and you’re getting a lot of conflicting suggestions from a lot of different people.   Your palms are sweaty, your heart is pounding, and your gut feels queasy. How in the world are you going to make the right decision?  Why not turn to the person who always knows what’s best for you – yourself.

    It’s true.  Your body, mind, emotions and spirit, when aligned, will always steer you in the right direction.  But that “aligned” part can be the tricky thing.  How do you stop all that mental chatter and come into a place of balance, where you can access your inner wisdom, and truly trust it?

    For starters, breathe.  When we go into stress mode, the first thing we usually do is tense up and start shallow breathing.  That starves the brain and body of oxygen and impairs our ability to think clearly. Andrew Weil, MD, founder, professor, and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, suggests deeply inhaling to a slow count of four, holding the breath to the count of seven, then forcefully exhaling to the count of eight.  Do that three times, and feel the stress melt away.

    Now that you’re in more of a relaxed and receptive Alpha state, think of one person, situation or thing for which you’re truly grateful.  Focus in on how that object of your sincere gratitude enriches your life, and be very specific.  As you mentally get in that place, you can literally start to feel your heart expanding.  The Mayo Clinic is conducting research on how gratitude not only opens the heart – it also activates positive emotion centers in the brain.

    Getting into the habit of quieting the mind with several deep breaths and feeling gratitude will automatically help bring you into body-mind-spirit balance, and guide you into that deeper awareness of connecting to your inner wisdom, God Consciousness, or, in scientific terms, the Unified Field.  From this place of open-hearted connection, you will get the right answers to your questions – the answers that are in alignment with your values.

    You can quickly double-check those answers by monitoring whether or not those panicky physical sensations go away.  Feeling stress leaving your body is an excellent indicator that you’re making the right decision.

    It’s scientifically proven that the verbal part of our brain processes around 40 pieces of information per second, but the non-verbal part chunks down on between eight to eleven million bits of information per second.

    That means that the thoughts we put into words are actually less reliable than the physical sensations and emotions that we feel coming from the non-verbal part of our brain.  Even if everyone else is saying, “THIS is what you should do,” if your body is still sending out stress signals, it’s probably not the best decision for you, and it’s not in alignment with your values.

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  • Experience More Nature In Your Everyday Living

    Trails and flowers

    In today’s screen-based lifestyle, people are spending more time indoors, losing a valuable connection with nature . This shift to an indoor routine can have negative effects for your health and your mental wellness, because people are meant to be in touch with the world around them through direct interaction with it. Below is a closer look at the reasons to spend more time in nature in your daily life and the ways to achieve this goal.

    Healing powers of nature

    Studies dating back to 1984 have shown that there is health benefits connected to nature. Psychologist Roger Ulrich found that patients in hospitals who gazed out into a garden tended to heal faster and with fewer complications than those patients with no view outdoors.

    Empowering stress relief

    More recent studies have suggested that immersion in nature can significantly reduce stress and promote relaxation. This change is marked by the reduction in stress hormones that cause the fight or flight reaction in the body. Because of the physiological change that occurs when people are interacting with nature, nature therapy is a promising tool in holistic medicine that may benefit a wide range of patients.

    Where to explore nature

    You do not have to travel far to be part of nature. Even if you live in a big city, you can create your own nature retreat with a rooftop garden or local park. If you are in a more secluded area, you might simply take a walk outside each day to breathe in fresh air and enjoy the majestic views that Mother Earth has to offer. Longer weekend hikes through nature trails can allow you to tap even deeper into the meditative qualities of natural surroundings.

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  • What Are the Nutritional Benefits of Hemp Hearts?

    Hemp Hearts

    Hemp hearts, or shelled hemp seeds, are a growing craze in natural healthy eating. They have become widely available in natural food markets as well as supermarkets and larger stores. The reason why hemp hearts have become so widely enjoyed is because of their mild flavor and incredible nutritional qualities.

    Nutritional value

    Without the addition of sugar and excess carbohydrates, hemp hearts provide essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, coarse fibers and plant sterols, and a complete range of the proteins needed in a balanced diet. Because of their unbeatable nutritious value, hemp hearts are excellent for digestion, energy, and cellular health. As part of your regular diet, they can also promote weight loss as a natural appetite and craving suppressant. Despite common misconceptions about hemp seeds, they do not contain THC. 

    Versatile uses

    You can just eat hemp hearts by the handful, but they are delicious in a wide variety of more creative applications. They can be sprinkled on salads, blended into smoothies, or served on oatmeal. They do need to be kept in the refrigerator for freshness, and they are best served raw.

    Healing properties

    Shelled hemp seeds are a great addition to any diet, but they can be particularly beneficial for individuals who are struggling with certain health problems. Diabetics, for example, can enjoy the weight loss benefits and well-rounded lean protein provided by hemp hearts. People with celiac disease or any food allergies can eat hemp seeds to improve digestive comfort and offer complete nutrition without the presence of common allergens.

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