How to Keep Moving When You Live a Desk-Bound Lifestyle

If you work in a typical office environment, you do not have to face the burden of health problems that can arise from sitting in front of a computer for eight hours each day. People are simply not built to sit down, and this is proven by the wide range of issues associated with sedentary lifestyles revolving around desk jobs. From spinal disorders to heart disease, sitting in the workplace can pose many dangers to your health, but it is possible to prevent them with these simple strategies. 

sitting at desk

Take breaks for short walks
You should get up and leave your desk at least once per hour. Take a short walk around the office or take advantage of the stairs and get a quick workout into your day. If you are unable to walk away from your desk, you might run in place, do a few jumping jacks, or use some quick stretches to relieve your body of pressure from sitting down.

Consider a standing desk
A healthy alternative to the traditional desk is the standing desk, which is highly beneficial for the spine and lower body. If a standing desk is not feasible, you can sit on an exercise ball for short periods throughout the day to boost your core strength and improve your balance. Even in a standard desk chair you can make improvements to your posture by sitting tall with a neutral spine and placing your computer screen at eye level.

Stretch your shoulders and arms
Typing for long periods of time can cause stiffness in the upper body, which may be relieved through shoulder and wrist stretches that you can do sitting down or standing up. With a rubber band wrapped around your fingers, you can create resistance as you push your fingers outward and relieve pressure on the nerves that cause carpal tunnel syndrome. You can stretch your shoulders by lifting your arms overhead with your hands clasped and palms facing up.

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