Common Chemicals Found In Scented Products, Part II

Household products and personal care products commonly contain a long list of ingredients, which may include harmful chemicals that may be affecting your health. Last week we shared with you some very important information in Part I of “A Great Fragrance May Not Be All That Great” article. Below is a continued listing of ingredients to avoid as you select products to keep in your home. 


Ethyl Acetate
Ethyl Acetate is used in aftershave, fabric softener, and cologne, but it is also on the EPA Hazardous Waste List as an irritant to the eyes and skin. It can also cause kidney and liver damage in higher concentrations.

Limonene is carcinogenic, but it is still used in disinfectants, fabric softeners, stain removers, and deodorants. After contact with this chemical, hands should be washed thoroughly to avoid accidental ingestion and absorption through the skin.

Found in perfume, powdered bleach, bar soap, lotion, and shampoo, linalool is not only a harmful narcotic, but it also attracts bees. In lab tests, linalool has been shown to cause serious central nervous system disorders.

Methylene Chloride
Because of its link to irritability, fatigue, and loss of sensation in the limbs, methylene chloride was actually banned by the FDA in 1988. However, trade secret laws allow manufacturers to continue using this chemical in shampoo, cologne, and paint removers. 

As a sensitizer, A-pinene is harmful to the immune system. It is found most commonly in bar and liquid soaps, dishwashing liquid, shaving cream, and deodorants.

G-terpinene has been linked with asthma and nervous system disorders, so it should deter you from purchasing certain perfumes, soaps, air fresheners, and cologne.

A-terpineol is very irritating to the mucous membranes, so it is harmful when inhaled, ingested, or with prolonged skin contact. Despite this, it is used in roll-on deodorant, aftershave, fabric softener, lotion, and hairspray.

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