Technology and Eye Health

Many people find themselves staring at a computer for six to 10 hours each day due to their jobs, and this frequently leads to problems with eyesight and overall eye health. In order to keep your eyes healthy while using a computer or watching television, follow these tips to naturally strengthen your eyes


Take breaks from the computer
Even if you cannot take a long break, stepping away from the computer will significantly improve your comfort and reduce eye strain. If possible, take a short walk every 20 minutes to let your eyes rest and boost your circulation after a long period of sitting.

Sharpen your vision with eye exercises
When you are able to break your gaze from the computer, you can strengthen your eyes and sharpen your vision with simple focus exercises. To begin, hold a small object such as a pen about one foot away from your face. Focus your gaze on the object, then shift your focus to an object in the distance.  By doing this simple exercise several times during the day you’ll be on your way to having healthier eyes and clearer vision.

Support your eyes with a balanced diet
The right foods can support eye health in the long-term, so you might keep your desk stocked with fresh vegetables, dried kale chips, or raw nuts. These foods offer the nutrition that your eyes need and help to prevent age-related damage to the eyes.

Position your monitor properly
If you keep your computer monitor to close to your eyes, you might notice damage to your vision related to the brightness of the screen. To keep your eyes in a more neutral position, move your screen so that the top of the monitor is at eye level. You should also adjust the font size of your computer so that it is large enough to read without straining your eyes.

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