Easy-to-Grow Vegetables for Summer

Home-grown vegetables may encourage you to eat healthier and prepare more of your meals at home. The summer is the perfect time to start growing your own vegetables because so many plants thrive in the warm weather and consistent sunshine. Here is a look at the delicious vegetables you can grow with ease. 


You will want to keep radishes in partial shade and keep the soil moist. Plant them early in the summer and eat the radishes while they are still small. If the radishes grow too large, they will become bitter. These plants do best when they are planted next to other vegetables, as they keep the soil loose.

Zucchini plants have a high yield when the plants are picked early, as more vegetables will be produced when you pick them often. You can eat the flowers and the zucchini from the plant, which needs heavy watering and direct sunlight.

For fresh salads all summer long, plant your own lettuce in any variety. In cooler climates, lettuces like arugula thrive. However, make sure that the soil stays completely moist.

Garden fresh herbs will liven up any summer dish, and basil is a versatile option that will produce flavorful leaves in the warmest weather. Consistent watering, pruning, and plenty of sunlight will keep the leaves from wilting.

Cucumbers may be potted or planted in the garden, and the seeds are typically started in the soil outside in the warmer months of spring. Cucumbers may be picked when they are small for pickling, or you might grow then a bit larger for other uses.

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