Easy Summertime Harvest- Part II


Enjoy the most flavorful and nutritious foods during the summer by planting your own fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to produce a successful crop of juicy vibrant fruits and vegetables this summer—especially when you plant the easy-to-grow varieties below. If you’re planting late in the season, it is best to start with seedlings rather than seeds. 

You can grow tomatoes in the ground, a raised garden, or pots. Plant a variety of colors to produce flavors ranging from tart to sweet. Tomatoes need plenty of sunlight before they begin to produce fruit and regular watering throughout the growing process. As fruits begin to appear, use a shade to filter some of the harsh summer sun.

For a spicy addition to the garden, plant hot peppers such as jalapenos or the even hotter habaneros. Bell peppers are also easy to grow, and they produce a large yield through the whole summer. Pick your peppers as soon as they are ripe, as this will encourage more growth.

Strawberries are an iconic fruit of summer, and they are simple to grow right in the backyard or in containers on a patio. After berries pop up on your plants, fertilize them every two weeks.

Thorny raspberry bushes can produce berries ranging from yellow to red to black. Each color has its own ripening time, so you can pick fresh berries from the summer through the fall. You should pick berries often to keep them growing for months.

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