Finding the Closest Farmers Markets and Taking Advantage of Their Benefits

farmers market

If you are doing most of your grocery shopping at the corner supermarket, you might be missing out on the many benefits that local farmers markets have to offer. With more people supporting sustainable, organic, and local eating , new farmers markets are popping up everywhere with new markets developing in areas where they were previously unseen. You can locate a farmers market in your community through a USDA search that will provide details about the products available and the size of the market. As you begin to explore farmers markets in your neighborhood, you may begin to notice these distinctive benefits of shopping for food in this smaller unique setting. 

Enjoy organic, local produce
Many vendors in farmers markets boast organic produce, which is grown sustainably and seasonally. Farmers markets may vary significantly in various regions because they will showcase the fruits and vegetables that thrive in these areas. Eating with local flavor is not only a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice, but it can also help you get optimal nutrition out of all of the foods you eat.

Support smaller farmers
Small farms may only sell their crops through farmer’s markets, so you might be missing out on some of the freshest produce in your area by sticking to grocery stores. When you support small family farms at farmer’s markets, you can give them a better chance against larger farming corporations that favor profits over all other factors.

Protect the environment around you
When you purchase foods from farms in your region, you can significantly cut down on the natural resources needed to produce and ship those foods. Plus, you might find a farmers market that is close enough for you to walk or bike, allowing you to cut down your own carbon footprint.

Discover new foods
Your first trip to the farmers market may be a treat for all of your senses as you might discover foods that you would never see in a typical grocery store. Vendors are often glad to offer samples so that you can experience a plethora of new foods that may be healthier options than your average selections from the grocery store.

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