Tips for Saving our Planet-Part I

Think Green

No one person can save the world, but the collective efforts of many can make a big impact for the environment. With lots of small changes, you can preserve the world around you and create a brighter future for the next generation. The clean and green habits below can allow you to simplify your life and bring your world into balance .

Eat locally grown foods
Eating from local, organic farms has a number of benefits for Mother Earth . Organic farming reduces contamination from pesticides and minimizes damage to the soil. Local foods do not use as many fossil fuels to put on your table, because they do not have to travel far from the farm.

Switch to powdered detergent
Powdered dishwasher and laundry detergents are a more eco-friendly option than liquid detergents, because liquid varieties contain 40-60% water. By using powdered you will be conserving water. Another savings would be to use cold water for all wash cycles, less energy is used when not heating your wash loads.  Choose detergents in cardboard containers rather than oil-based plastics.

Shorten your shower timeh
Reducing your shower time by just one minute can save 2 gallons of water each day; if every member of the household does the same, you will see a big difference in your water usage.

Inflate your tires
You will get the most fuel efficiency out of your vehicle if you keep your tires fully inflated. Follow the guidelines in your owner’s manual and check your tires every time you fill up your tank.

Try out recycled toilet paper
Millions of trees can be saved by households that switch to recycled toilet paper, which is affordable and eco-friendly. Another great savings would be by recycling your paper products from other waste.

Go paperless with your bills
Most banks and utility companies provide the option of paperless billing, and this often comes with discounts for your bills. Opt for paperless billing and account statements where ever you can, and reduce the clutter of your mailbox.

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