Tips for Saving the Planet, Part II

Think Green

We only get one planet, and the resources on it are limited. Because planet Earth is everyone’s most precious resource, many people are looking for new ways to save it . We recently featured Part I-Tips for Saving the Planet and below are more small conservation steps that can make a big difference.  

Start composting
Composting is easier than you might think, and it can keep hundreds of pounds of waste out of landfills each year. Once you start composting your own fertilizer, you can plant a backyard garden or enrich the soil around your trees and shrubs.

Find a new way to get to work
If you live close enough, bike to work. Carpooling or public transportation is another greener option that will cut down on your carbon footprint.

Fix household leaks
Leaky plumbing can be a serious waste of water, so be sure that your sinks and showers are all working properly. You might also consider installing low-flow shower heads and low flush toilets to save even more water.

Reuse bags and containers
Keep cloth bags handy so that you don’t have to waste plastic or paper in the grocery store. Disposable containers can also be reused, so think twice before you throw them away. Shopping in the bulk section will allow you to cut down on waste, giving you the opportunity to refill original containers.

Eat vegetarian meals
Even if you don’t commit to a vegetarian diet all the time, you can enjoy cleansing vegetarian meals that spare the resources needed to raise livestock. As you discover how great you feel by reducing the amount of meat in your diet, you might decide to eat vegetarian more often.

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