Field Trips for Fall!

school trip

Not all lessons take place in classroom. In fact, some of the most meaningful and profound experiences a child can have is through exploring the natural world. As part of your continuing journey to promote the natural healing of your body and mind, you might take your family on hiking or camping trips. However, don’t forget that you likely live near an organic farm. Organic farmers are typically devoted to natural health and many enjoy sharing their knowledge.

Arranging a Visit
Did you know that there are about two million farms in the U.S.? Many of them are devoted to natural health practices such as organic farming. To find an organic farm near you, visit a local farmer’s market and converse with the vendors. Ask whether their farm accepts visitors and would be willing to give your family a tour. You could also visit to search for an organic farm near you.

Discussing Smart Food Choices
While exploring the organic farm with your children, offer age-appropriate lesson plans on farming and good nutrition. If you have very young children, talk about how good it makes your body feel to eat fruits and vegetables, as opposed to processed fast food. If your children are a little older, explain what pesticides are and define “organic” for them. With the farmers’ permission, conduct a taste test with your youngsters to verify the deliciousness of fresh, organic produce.

Bringing the Lessons to the Supermarket
Reinforce the lessons learned on the farm with your kids by visiting a supermarket. Challenge your kids to find certified organic products. Then, compare the nutrition labels of those products with nutrition labels of other common grocery store items. Discuss why finding products with short lists of simple, organic ingredients is healthier than products that contain preservatives and other chemicals.

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