Surrendering to the Divine Stillness of Fall


While crisp autumn nights paint the leaves a glorious palate of rich colors, that beauty is destined to be fleeting.   One by one, scarlet and gold leaves lose their initial luster to fade a withered brown.  And one by one, each tree releases its leaves, surrendering to the inevitable cycle of the seasons that will strip each bough bare.

This cycle that prepares the tree for the slumber of winter likewise gives us an opportunity to surrender those things that no longer serve us, and let us enter into a transformative time of reflection, introspection and setting new goals.  Worry, fear, stress, anger, envy, self-deprecation – this is the season to release superficial and negative thoughts and behaviors that interfere with our balance and joy.

Freed, now, of the distractions of summer, we’re able to be more mindfully present to the holiness of each moment.  In his book, The Biology of Belief, cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about how we’re only present in our conscious mind about 5% of the time.  He also provides scientific evidence for the ground-breaking concept that we are not “victims of our biology,” but can literally change our DNA when we change our belief system.

Fall can be the perfect time to metaphorically “go back to school,” and open ourselves up to learning how to enter more deeply into a conscious Alpha state.  From that place of serene grace, surrender and receptiveness, we’re much more likely to be able to make positive, transformational changes to our beliefs, and enter into a personal and heart-centered connection to the Divine.

“Surrender” here doesn’t mean “giving up the fight” – rather, it means letting go of an ego-centered need to feel in control of every situation, and releasing beliefs that have limited us in the past.  It’s mindfully choosing to get out of the way of our own divinity, and let Spirit take charge of our lives. 

Virginia Samdahl, the first occidental Reiki master, was one of the pioneers in bringing the complimentary modality of energy medicine into mainstream western consciousness.  She frequently told her students, “The only difference between Christ and us is that He was born knowing He was divine, and we go to the grave denying that we are.”

When we can see “surrender” as a necessary part of the cycle that moves us into a creative and receptive mode, we embrace our own divinity.  We release any thought of “losing,” and instead see expansive new opportunities unfolding in front of us.  We’re actively creating the fertile space for new ideas and new beginnings.

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