How Your Posture Influences Your Health


Posture is not often discussed when it comes to improving health and reducing the likelihood of common conditions such as poor blood circulation . However, the way you carry yourself does make a significant difference. When you have good posture, you will experience better health.

Poor posture can amplify depression
Studies have linked poor posture with hormone deficiencies related to clinical depression, which means that standing up straight may be necessary for proper brain function. Plus, those with better posture tend to be more active individuals, and physical activity is the best way to fight depression. As you move and strengthen the muscles of your body, your mood improves, and you have more energy to stay active.

Slouching may lead to digestive discomfort
Slouching and constant sitting can create physical health problems in addition to psychological concerns. If you are sitting down for extended periods or you don’t tend to keep your spine in a neutral position while standing, you might have some digestive discomfort, including constipation. Poor posture pushes organs around inside the body, creating pressure in the intestinal tract.

Posture guides your spine health
As you might expect, moving with poor posture increases the impact of daily activities on your spine. This added pressure can weaken the structure of the spine, leading to pain and stiffness that can be debilitating. You may also suffer from pain and discomfort in other areas of the body as nerve signals in the spinal cord are blocked by subluxation.

Uneven posture can hinder blood circulation
All the tissues in your body need oxygenated blood to function properly, but they may not get enough if you sit with crossed legs, slouch while standing, or jerk your head forward while sitting or standing. On a metaphysical level, you may consider the unseen energy that flows through the body along the pathways of the circulatory and nervous systems. As poor posture results in blockages of these systems, energy cannot flow freely.

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