Anchoring in Your Body


When a young New York City man was hit by a drunk driver, every bone in his body was broken.   His doctors said he’d never walk again.   Although the man’s body was crushed, his spirit was not.  Every day, he willed himself to push a little bit harder through the pain, retraining his muscles to respond to his brain’s commands. 

At first he could only sit upright on a rebounder trampoline with assistance.  Slowly, he was able to sit unsupported, then to bounce slightly, still seated, as he mentally reconnected with every part of his body.  A few years later, the man was a master Tai Chi instructor, flawlessly leading his students through flowing stretching and balancing movements without any hint he had ever been hurt.

French philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

How we move, what we eat, what we think and how we feel are intertwined on a molecular level.  If our mind and spirit feel “detached” or “separated” from our bodies, our bodies frequently translate that lack of awareness into a physical imbalance of some kind, like fatigue, an unhealthy weight, or even a chronic illness.

A certified yoga and fitness instructor in New Orleans who works with clients ranging from high school students to retirees said people of all ages usually underestimate what their bodies can do.  “They’ll have made up their minds, and actually start to accept the idea that their movement is limited in some way,” she said. 

“I tell them to only move as long as they feel comfortable, and let them prove to themselves they actually can stretch.  Every time, they can always do more than they thought they could.” 

The thrill of even a small victory over physical limitations spurs the release of “happy” chemicals in the brain, nurturing the entire Body-Mind by releasing stress, lowering blood pressure and pain levels, and setting the clients on their way to achieving even more flexibility, stamina and strength.  Self-esteem and confidence bloom as the person starts feeling more comfortable in their own skin.

From there, it’s easy to extend that self-love and heightened body awareness to making smarter changes in food choices, too.  Start with small steps, like cutting out processed foods and cutting way back on meat, dairy, sugar and salt.  Gradually increase the amount of live, raw organic vegetables and fruits on your plate, and see how your body, mind and spirit thrive on a healthier foundation

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