Doing “The Write Thing”

girl journaling

When a retired Kansas politician got word her 3-year-old grandson had a malignant tumor in his intestines, everything changed.   Already a nurturing matriarch, she shifted her compassion into high gear to give extra time and love to her entire family.

To everyone around her she was the rock; the calm in the storm.  The only time she could let down her guard, weep, and work through her feelings of fear and grief was when she picked up her pen and opened her journal.

During the years of the young boy’s surgeries, chemotherapy, and a slow but complete recovery, Elma faithfully wrote about her panic, anger, helplessness and hope.  This daily “time out” to honestly tune in to her feelings brought her a sense of peace, and let her feel God’s grace and presence in a deeply personal way throughout this challenging time. She realized, in retrospect, her discipline of daily journaling nourished her spirit and strengthened her soul.

Journaling is almost a deceptively simple spiritual discipline.  All you need is paper, a pen, and a few moments – longer if you desire – to jot down what’s on your mind or in your heart.  Rather quickly, people who start a regular journaling practice discover what a powerful healing tool it is.  Journal writers become more self-aware. They’re able to reflect, let off steam, get in touch with their deepest fears and highest hopes, and release stress.  Through honestly confronting and addressing what’s unfolding in their lives, they’re building a firm foundation for positive change and growth.

A potentially transformative journaling and meditation exercise taught at the Optimum Health Institute specifically helps guests resolve painful issues.

First, ask for Divine support and guidance.  For example, recite the Lord’s Prayer, or visualize yourself in a bubble of white light.  Through deep breathing and relaxation, move into a more open and receptive mental state.  From this place of peace and introspection, write about a troubling issue from your perspective.

Then, write about the same issue, but from the opposite perspective.  Finally, address the same issue a third time, but now from a completely neutral perspective.  Writing from a different point of view can frequently provide answers for how to bring an undesirable situation into healing balance.

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