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It was melanoma that began on his lip and metastasized to take half of his face that was bringing a 46-year-old man’s life to a painful end. For three decades, he’d worked on the attractions at a famous theme park, and made fast friends with co-workers and park guests alike. He had a knack for making everyone feel special and happy.

In his final months, his friends decided to start a card drive with a very special difference. Each card thanked him for a specific thing he had done for that person. “I’ll always be grateful for how you drove me to work that week my car was in the shop,” one read. “Thank you for covering my shift that day I ended up in the ER with a bee sting,” said another.

He would pour over the dozens of cards for hours at a time, smiling, wiping away a tear and occasionally laughing, reflecting on all the little things he had done for others, and how combined, they made a very big impact. The cards gave him such a sense of peace and grace through the moment he died, surrounded by friends and knowing that he had done what he could to make the world a more loving place.

Living a meaningful life is one of the three major keys to happiness, according to the relatively new science of Positive Psychology. The other two are having faith in something greater than you and having a supportive community of even just one or two other people.

For many, deciding what gives their life meaning may seem a daunting task. The reality, as the dying man learned, is even the seemingly most insignificant thing can mean the world to someone else.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love,” said Mother Teresa.

Here are some tips for creating more meaning in your own life:

  1. Model compassion. It’s a proven scientific fact – when you do a kind deed for someone, everyone who sees or hears about it is likewise motivated to similar compassionate action. Caring is truly contagious, and you can be the carrier.
  2. Volunteer . Whether you help out in a food kitchen during the holidays or foster a kitten from the humane society, even occasional acts of service will give your life richer meaning all year long.
  3. Donate . Cleaning out that closet, attic or garage means needed donations to Goodwill, and less clutter for you. It’s a win-win.
  4. Look for the lesson . When something does not go as planned, you have an opportunity to enrich your life by looking for the spiritual lesson in the experience. For instance, in reflection, you could see not getting that promotion at work means you’ll be happier in a less-demanding position that gives you more family time.
  5. Live in gratitude. When you choose to feel thankful for what you have, you will discover everything continues to just get better and better. Family, friends, career, your spiritual path – everything grows in clarity and meaning when you’re aware of the many blessings in every aspect of your life.

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