• Surrender to Texas Beauty at OHI Austin

    Welcome, or welcome back, to Optimum Health Institute (OHI) Austin, a place of beauty and healing nestled in the spectacular Texas countryside . Whether you’ve never visited, or it’s been a while, come experience the difference of newly renovated rooms that are environmentally friendly, private, and extremely comfortable. Find yourself lost in thoughtful contemplation on our wooded trail, in peaceful repose in our meditation gardens, or floating in the luxurious pool and spa that overlook a kaleidoscope of flower gardens. Savor the new menu of live, raw, organic vegan dishes that rival the best vegetarian restaurants – now a palate-pleasing different recipe for every lunch and dinner of OHI’s entire three-week program.

    While the lush environment and the delicious meals are exceptional, it’s the caring team at OHI Austin that creates the heart of the experience.

    In this supportive ‘safe space’ of encouragement and respect, our compassionate facilitators and missionaries are there every step of the way on your journey to optimum health. Each class they teach includes a minute of Alpha meditation to help you relax and tune in. They’ll guide you as you work to detoxify the body, quiet and mind and rejuvenate the spirit. They’ll also share the most effective ways to take OHI’s healthy lifestyle program back home with you.

    Need to talk about some emotions that bubbled to the surface during a vocal toning session or meditation? Our spiritual counselors are there for you. Want to get some of those amazing recipes to make for your family and friends? We’ll take care of it. Need someone to walk with, or a reassuring hug? We’ve got that covered for you, too.

    Our service providers are available all week, and now Saturday, too, to melt away any stress with massage, reflexology and chiropractic care. Speed up your body’s detoxification process with gentle colon hydrotherapy.

    Cowboy boots aren’t required for a visit to OHI Austin – just a sincere desire to nourish and balance your body, mind and spirit. Find out what real southern hospitality is as our caring team helps you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org , and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.

  • Finding Opportunities for Growth

    A freelance artist was thrilled to locate a small gem of a contemporary home nestled in a pocket of woods near the heart of downtown San Diego . With striking lines and walls of glass and stone, it was the perfect compliment to his creative soul. Even the moon cooperated, shining through a skylight in his bedroom, lulling him into a deep slumber every night.

    After three idyllic months in his new home, the man suddenly realized the “moon” hadn’t moved, as the moon must do. He went outside to investigate and discovered the “moonlight” that had been so soothing was actually a streetlight.

    The man was furious. How was he supposed to sleep with that blasted light in his face? For a week, he tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep, fuming at this unacceptable intrusion into what had been a perfect place. Then, even in his exhausted state, he made a realization. The fingers of light streaming into his bedroom since his first peaceful night in the home hadn’t changed. The only thing that WAS different was the meaning he gave to the light.

    He was first shocked, then intrigued with the growing awareness that he gave the people, places and things in his world the value and power they would have to him. As he dedicated himself to looking past what was on the surface to find the deeper truth in every aspect of his life, everything began to change for the better. Through pain came great emotional and spiritual growth.

    When everything in our world is moving along smoothly, it’s too easy to drift into a relatively comfortable rut. We tend to disengage from what’s happening to us because at least we’re getting by. We can become spectators in our own life.

    Our real spiritual, mental and emotional growth happen when we’re faced with a situation that pushes us out of our comfort zone. The situation demands our immediate attention and thrusts us into unknown territory. Maybe it’s a major health opportunity, or a change in a close relationship, or a shift in our financial security. That’s when the adrenaline kicks in. We have to assess the situation, determine the most appropriate response, and take action. Frequently, at least part of the most effective action will involve shifting how we view the situation.

    When we learn to see the things that frighten, annoy or confuse us to be potential opportunities for growth, we’ve taken a huge step on our spiritual path.

    Find the support, tools and “safe space” for walking your spiritual path at the OHI missions in San Diego and Austin, Texas. Our caring team can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org , and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.

  • Identifying Your Strengths

    Affirming Your Life

    “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Anonymous

    Affirmation: Today in meditation, I will contemplate my strengths, and ask for divine guidance in how best to use them in every area of my life.

    A corporation in southern California required its executives to participate in a team building exercise . Each of the women and men had previously completed a questionnaire designed to reveal their individual strengths and personality types. The 28 executives were then grouped according to type. Each group had 15 minutes to create a brief presentation illustrating their particular skill set.

    The resulting controlled chaos was simultaneously hilarious and revealing. The “Duty Fulfillers” were eager to complete the assignment, but weren’t able to generate creative ideas. “Nurturers” attempted to support and encourage each other, but weren’t effective at coming up with a specific plan. The “Artists” sketched out striking illustrations, but none of the ideas were interconnected. Meanwhile, the “Visionaries” came up with lots of great ideas, but failed to reach a consensus on the best way to present them. None of the 16 types was able to complete the assignment satisfactorily.

    While each of the groups had very specific strengths, it became quite evident to the entire team that no single isolated set of skills was sufficient to satisfactorily complete the task. An effective group blends the various strengths and skills of each member to envision, work towards and maintain the collective goals.

    While the old business paradigm might have focused on identifying and attempting to fix employees’ weaknesses, the emphasis has changed to accentuating the positive. Companies that discover and nurture each person’s strengths enjoy more productivity, satisfied customers and profitability, while also experiencing less employee turnover.

    Realistically, no one is excellent in everything. Identifying your personal skill set can help you both personally and professionally. It will make you a happier and more self-confident person as you build on those strengths, achieving even higher levels of success and spiritual awareness. As you continue to excel, you can inspire and mentor others with similar strengths.

    To determine your personal strengths, take time to meditate on what makes you happy, and when you feel most fulfilled. Ask a few trusted friends for their opinion. Reflect on what you feel have been your greatest accomplishments to date. You can also take one of many on-line assessments. The University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center offers an excellent free questionnaire allowing you to learn your strengths, values, level of happiness and many other categories. https://www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/home

    Further explore your personal and professional strengths and learn how to effectively bring body, mind and spirit into harmony at Optimum Health Institute (OHI) missions in San Diego and Austin, Texas. Our caring team can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org , and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.

  • New OHI 21-Day Menu Nourishes Body, Mind and Spirit

    On her most recent visit, a woman who’s been coming to Optimum Health Institute for 16 years knew she’d receive the same stimulating classes, community fellowship, gentle exercise sessions and constant support and encouragement from OHI facilitators, missionaries, and staff .

    What she did NOT know was she’d receive a completely different and delicious dish for every lunch and dinner her entire stay. Zucchini Pad Thai, lentil chili warmed to a pleasing temperature, dehydrated onion “bread” – she was thrilled with each flavorful bite. She’s just one of countless previous guests amazed and delighted with the new OHI 21-day food plan.

    When the versatile and scrumptious menu debuted earlier this year, everyone immediately declared it a winner. Each lunch and dinner for the entire three weeks it takes to do the complete OHI healthy lifestyle program serves up a different delicious dish.

    While first-timers thoroughly enjoy the fare, it’s the returning guests who really appreciate this appetizing and tasty difference in the dining room. The kitchen staff, under the capable direction of head chef Amber Santa Cruz, has managed to adhere to OHI’s strict nutritional guidelines while combining live, raw, organic vegan food in creative new ways to dazzle the eye and treat the taste buds.

    For instance, guests rave about the “refried beans” – sunflower seeds soaked, drained, and processed with cilantro, onion, red bell paper and Mexican spices until smooth. The “beans” are served with a hearty guacamole and crunchy “chips” dehydrated from ground flax seed, cabbage, zucchini, red pepper and celery, and seasoned with tomato powder and cumin.

    Seasonal organic produce is incorporated into the new menu, like choice poblano and jalapeno peppers added to the fermented sauerkraut.

    As the summer heat wave loosens its grip, guests are happy to enjoy hearty vegetable soups heated to a precise 105 degrees – the maximum temperature before a food begins to lose nutritional value – and ladled into warmed bowls.

    “So many guests are asking for recipes every day,” Amber said, “That we just posted a signup sheet in the dining room. People can add their email address, and we’ll send the recipes directly to them.”

    Besides raising the bar for all the meals, the culinary team is also stepping up ways to better accommodate guests’ different tastes.

    “For people who want bigger flavors, we’re offering things like chopped onions and hot peppers on the condiments table. By keeping ingredients like these on the side, we’re able to cater to people who prefer no strong flavors, along with those who want to pile on the onions and peppers. Everyone’s happy, and that’s our goal.”

    Savor the delicious new 21-day menu, meditate along the peaceful wooded trails and enjoy the close camaraderie of OHI team members and fellow guests at our missions in San Diego and Austin, Texas. Our caring staff can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org , and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.

  • How to Encourage Others

    The fluffy black and white Border collie pup defiantly tugged on her leash, whimpering and backing away from her frustrated owner . “Ignore her,” the dog trainer in the center of the room commanded. “She wants your attention and affection. Just keep looking away from her.”

    Soon, the fussing and pulling stopped, and the puppy sat quietly next to her master’s feet.

    “Now pet her and tell her she’s a good girl,” the trainer instructed. “Let her know she is now doing the right thing.”

    This simple technique at the heart of most animal training – from cute puppies to killer whales – focuses on reinforcing the desired action, and pretty much ignoring the unwanted behavior. It’s not only a powerful training tool for animals; It’s been proven to work quite well with people, too.

    The most effective parents, teachers, leaders and companies know that spending more time validating and less time correcting yields more immediate and lasting positive results. While one-on-one feedback is motivating, publicly acknowledging a person’s contributions can be even more powerful. Praising a person in front of their peers boosts their self-confidence to new levels, and encourages them to continue to produce quality work.

    There are several tried and true methods of encouraging others. First, remind them of how they’ve succeeded in the past. A teacher saying, “You did a great job on your last paper” as she’s making the new assignment is simultaneously boosting her students’ confidence and encouraging them to excel again.

    When people are facing a particularly challenging situation, help them break it down into manageable steps. Congratulating them as they complete each part motivates them to continue, and helps them maintain a positive attitude as they forge ahead.

    Never diminish the importance of another person’s feelings. Saying things that minimize their apprehension, like, “It’s just not that big a deal,” can make them feel angry, betrayed or panicky. Too frequently the cause of an employee getting discouraged is she or he feels they’re out of the loop, or don’t really understand what’s being required of them.

    Listen to their concerns without judgment, and let them know you respect their input. Then, clarify the goals, and together, come up with a practical and realistic plan to make it work.

    Sometimes the most effective encouragement can be a little compassion and empathy. Whether it’s a teen trying to drum up the courage to ask his crush on a date, or a colleague who’s swamped with projects, just taking the time to listen sympathetically may be all they need to move ahead with renewed confidence.

    We encourage you to open your mind to positive, powerful and lasting changes when you embark on a life-affirming visit to the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego or Austin, Texas. Our caring team can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org , and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.