OHI Scholarship Story: Food is Medicine

When Melanie Ashbaugh arrived at Optimum Health Institute San Diego, she’d already had surgery for Stage 2 breast cancer. She was quite discouraged about the post-surgical treatment her doctors were planning, which included chemotherapy. I remember she was very reserved, but enthusiastically embraced the idea that our detoxifying meals, gentle exercise, classes and spiritual fellowship could help her recuperate and get ready to face the next chapter of her health opportunity.

It was evident to everyone how hard she was working to stick with the program. With the constant support and new tools she was learning, Melanie began to blossom into a happier, more outgoing person. She was eager to soak in every bit of information so she could continue what she learned when she returned home.

From growing sprouts, to juicing, to soaking seeds, dehydrating foods and food combining, she took notes, practiced, and processed everything. She was obviously passionately motivated, which made her the ideal OHI Scholarship recipient.

When we informed her she had been selected to receive the gift of the last two weeks of the three-week program, Melanie was so overwhelmed and grateful. We had the privilege of watching her transform into a lighter, brighter young lady who was able to reconnect with herself again on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually.

After she returned home, Melanie reported back to us that her post-OHI visit MRI was clear. She described her time at OHI as “…an amazing education along with deep clearing.” She also shared that she is looking into online nutrition classes because of what she learned during her stay with us. “Food IS medicine,” she told us, and she wants to be able to offer nutritional information to her massage and esthetician clients.

I am so grateful OHI could help Melanie with her healing process. By experiencing the entire 21-day healthy lifestyle program, she could personally see the power detoxifying foods have to bring body, mind, emotions and spirit into healthy balance.

The fact that she’s planning to share this critical nutritional information with her clients furthers OHI’s mission of being “a change agent for human-kind by improving the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of everyone we touch.”

Melanie is a warrior and true hero, and we feel blessed and thrilled with her dedication and commitment to make a positive difference not only in her own life, but the lives of many others. She’s exactly why the OHI Scholarship Program is so important.

Larry Taylor
Executive Director Optimum Health Institute San Diego

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