Paul Padilla’s OHI Transformation

When I was diagnosed with diabetes and my rare nonalcoholic liver disease rapidly progressed to cirrhosis of the liver, I knew it was time to visit Optimum Health Institute (OHI).

My doctor said a raw food diet wouldn’t be harmful, and my biggest challenge was eating all the greens I was served. I was never a vegetable lover, preferring fried foods and animal products. That first week I also went cold turkey off of sugar.

Although I felt a slight drop in energy the first few days, I didn’t have any headaches or flu-like symptoms. I loved learning what foods to combine in a meal, and how to give my liver the best opportunity to heal naturally.

When I got home from OHI I realized with my demanding job I couldn’t manage a 100% raw diet. I started eating salads on the road, and preparing juice at home two or three days a week. With my wife’s constant encouragement, I was able to stick with the new diet and incorporate more exercise into my day – cardio, a stationary bike, calisthenics.

The next few months I stuck closely to the OHI plan and continued exercising faithfully. I became 60% raw organic, even with all my traveling.

My doctor was astonished and thrilled with my transformation. I was able to completely transform my body, mind and spirit with just that single week at OHI!

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