The Value of New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when people make a long list of resolutions, vowing to change everything they hate about themselves so they can finally be happy . Then, two weeks later, they hate themselves even more for abandoning that long list.

By shifting how and why you create your resolutions, this can finally be the year you initiate – and stick with – positive, healthy change.

First of all, it’s essential that your goal is in complete alignment with your values. If you’ve lived your life “settling,” or doing only what other people ask or expect of you, you might have to work a bit harder to discover exactly what your core values are. Here’s an exercise to help you find out:

  1. Write at the top of a page in your journal, “What is most important to me?” Don’t judge whatever comes to mind – just jot it down. Abundance, Compassion, Humility, Success, Faith, Justice, Peace, Spirituality, Health, Joy, Purpose…anything that matters to you, write it down.
  2. Now, spend some time contemplating exactly what each value looks like in your life. For instance, “Success” might mean you are able to live comfortably, and you are surrounded by your loving family and enthusiastic friends. The underlying core values can be “security” and “relationships.”
  3. After you’ve discovered the deeper core values, select about five that feel the most significant to you.

Now, think of one thing you’d like to shift in your life that reinforces one of your top five core values. Create a realistic, measurable and meaningful goal, and jot down three action steps, with specific dates for completing each step, that will help you achieve that goal.

By choosing a single objective instead of creating an overwhelming long list of resolutions, you’re already setting yourself up for achieving your goal. Making sure that your project resonates with your values at the core level, too, insures that you’ll be able to give it the attention and persistence it requires.

Be patient with yourself, and reward yourself with positive self-talk as you make slow but steady progress towards your goal. Research has shown that celebrating small milestones encourages us to keep plugging away at that objective.

Visual cues can also encourage us to stick with the plan. Post a picture of a happier, healthier you where you can see it daily. Write down your goal at least one time a day, and breathe in the sense of gratitude, satisfaction and pride you’ll feel when you accomplish it. Keeping the end in mind can be a powerful motivator.

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