OHI Serves Up New Food Combinations

Recent studies showing that the body can effectively digest combinations of greens with fruits has had the kitchens at the Optimum Health Institute healing missions in San Diego and Austin, Texas bustling .

OHI Austin Kitchen Manager Amber Santa Cruz has been enjoying the delicious task of testing creative new dishes paring foods that previously could not share a meal. The delicious results are evident in the new 21-day menu, which provides a different lunch and dinner for the entire three weeks of the complete OHI body-mind-spirit lifestyle program.

“Our first priority is always to combine foods in a way that optimizes digestion and insures nutrients are assimilated,” Amber said.

“The biggest change for our guests,” Amber said, “is now fruits don’t have to be by themselves. We can mix them with greens, spouts and veggies for a completely new dining experience.”

For instance, instead of just having grapefruit for breakfast, guests can enjoy the sweet-tart citrus with a kale salad.

“A new favorite breakfast for the regular detoxification diet is ‘Buck Wheaties’ with apples and berries,” Amber said. Buck Wheaties are sprouted buckwheat which has been tossed in cinnamon, ginger and all spice, and then dehydrated.

“The buck Wheaties have a great crunch and a sweet-spicy taste. When we mix them with the fresh berries and chopped apples, it makes a pretty delicious granola.”

Another popular new combination is applesauce with dehydrated ‘gingersnaps.’ A nutritious mixture of soaked and sprouted sunflower and flax seeds is blended with ginger and cinnamon, and then dehydrated, to create the crunchy ‘cookies.’

“We’re getting a lot of guest compliments about how much lemon juice enhances different dishes, too,” Amber said. A spritz of lemon elevates the taste of zucchini soup, and adds bright zing to green juices. “Lemon is one of the most flavorful things we can use,” Amber said. “It’s great to be able to add it to salads and other vegetable recipes.”

Being able to serve fruit and greens together has also helped OHI kitchens to raise the calorie count for breakfast for the regular detoxification diet.

“Before the regular detox breakfast might have just been fruit,” Amber said, “while the hypo detox breakfast would be a full plate with seed cheese, leafy greens, sprouts and sliced vegetables.

“With the new guidelines, now we can add sprouts and seeds for a heartier meal to start the day that still strictly adheres to our high nutritional standards.”

A continuing big focus in the OHI kitchens, Amber explained, is customizing meals to accommodate specific guests’ requests and needs. When a guest asks for a blended meal, the new guidelines mean the kitchen can whip up a tasty smoothie with spinach, avocado, cucumber and now, added apple. It’s become the most popular blend requested.

Enjoy the healthy and delicious new food combinations while you detoxify your body, quiet your mind and rejuvenate your spirit with a stay at OHI San Diego or OHI Austin. Our caring team will support your journey and share the tools you need to continue the holistic healing lifestyle program at home. To learn more about OHI, visit our website at www.OptimumHealth.org . To make your reservation, call us at (800) 993-4325 .