Strengthening Our Connection to God

The story goes that a man became trapped in his house when a flood inundated his town. Deeply devout, the man fell to his knees and prayed to God to come rescue him. His prayer was interrupted when he heard his neighbor honking at him.

“Get in the truck!” his neighbor yelled. “I’m heading to higher ground!” The man refused, saying he knew God was going to come rescue him from the rising waters. Soon, the entire street was under several feet of water. A woman piloting a motorboat with several other people on board stopped in front of the man’s house.

“Here – take this rope and we’ll pull you in!” the woman yelled. Again the man refused, knowing that God had heard his prayers. As the first and second floors of the man’s home flooded, he was forced to crawl out a window and hold on to the roof.

A National Guard helicopter appeared and hovered over the house. “Grab this,” the pilot yelled, as he lowered a rope ladder to the stranded man. Once again, the man refused, feeling sure that God’s rescue was imminent. Shortly after the helicopter flew away, the man slipped off the roof, fell into the swirling flood waters, and drowned.

He found himself face to face with the Lord. “Why didn’t you save me?” the man implored. “I prayed to you to help me!”

“I sent you a truck, a boat, and a helicopter,” God replied, “and each time you refused to accept My help.“

The moral of the story is, while we’re searching for God’s presence in our lives, we need to open up our hearts and minds to realize His perfect grace constantly flows in and around us.

Each compassionate thought, word, or deed is divinity in action. Expressing gratitude to God, or another person, is a direct link to Christ Consciousness. Spiritual fellowship, where like-minded people come together to celebrate their blessings or contribute their time, talent, or treasure to those less fortunate, is evidence of God’s presence in our lives.

Spiritual disciplines, like prayer, meditation, journaling or reading inspirational material all help us go deep within. Ironically, the more centered, quiet and introspective we become, the more we deepen our awareness of our personal connection to the Lord.

The breath-taking beauty of nature; the look of wonder and awe in a child’s eyes, the unconditional loyalty of a well-loved pet – all are further evidence of heaven on earth.

Where there is laughter, and love, and sharing, and goodness, and gratitude, there is God.

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