OHI for life® – “Food for the Skin”

When actress and model Barbara Logan first visited the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) San Diego in 2000 at the suggestion of family friend Ben Vereen, she felt like she’d come “home.” As the daughter of a minister, she’d been involved in spiritual disciplines and fellowship since childhood. She’d also studied health and nutrition for years, so immediately embraced the vegan meals.

In her decades in front of the camera, she learned the importance of using pure, gentle ingredients to cleanse, nourish and protect her skin. Barbara had already worked for many years developing and manufacturing private label products with exclusive formulations for clients internationally as well as her own product line. She offered to assist OHI in creating every part of an exclusive skin care line that incorporated an essential element of the healing OHI program – wheatgrass juice. The antioxidant properties of the juice, said Barbara, would assist the body in detoxification.

When Barbara got the green light to create an OHI for life® skin care line, her marching orders were very specific. Every ingredient had to meet the strict guidelines of the EWG – the Environmental Working Group. The organization rates ingredients for safety, and sets the highest standards for industry-wide compliance. As many ingredients as possible had to be certified organic…and of course no harmful chemicals.

In the fall of 2009, OHI proudly unveiled its exclusive OHI for life® skin care line. Reaction from guests was immediate and enthusiastic. The facial cleanser, toner, separate moisturizers for morning and evening, and shower gel were created to aid guests in the detoxification process. Since toxins are excreted through the skin, OHI for life® cleanser has jojoba oil exfoliating beads to slough off dead skin cells and simultaneously revitalize the skin with the healing jojoba oil. The toner, which is alcohol-free, removes all traces of the cleanser while balancing the skin with antioxidant rich vitamins A, C, E and B and green tea.

The morning moisturizer helps hydrate the skin and protect it from free radicals encountered in certain foods, and even environmental pollutants. A nourishing ingredient is “Vineyard Extracts” – (the skin, stem and seeds of grapes from wine vineyards) rich in Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant. It delivers a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory action that helps diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Specially formulated night moisturizer restores the skin. The skincare cleanser, toner and moisturizers are formulated for compatibility. When used as the ‘system,’ maximum benefits will be achieved. The OHI for life® skin care system is the ultimate “food for the skin”.

OHI for life® shampoo and conditioner were more recently added to the line, and work together to help cleanse, nourish and detoxify the scalp and hair. Both are also EWG compliant, and use soap nuts to generate a safe, natural lather without chemical additives. The OHI for life® products carry the OHI Seal of Approval, assuring you that:

  • All manufacturing facilities have been inspected and validated contaminant-free.
  • All products & containers are environmentally friendly to the maximum degree possible.
  • All ingredients are sourced from universally accepted Fair Trade countries, with no child labor involved.
  • All certified organic ingredients are verified & documented.

OHI guests receive sample-sized containers of the entire OHI for life® line and many continue using the products after they return home by using the OHI convenient home delivery Auto Ship Program. For just $79.99 for the OHI for life® Basic Skin Care System – you receive 3.3 oz. of Cleanser, Toner, Day Crème and Evening Crème – a 60 day supply delivered right to your door. (Regular price $100) Call (888) 643-7867 for details on how to lock in this and other savings on this special program.

By feeding and nourishing your skin, you’re also helping a deserving individual experience the healing benefits of OHI’s holistic healing program. All net proceeds after direct and indirect expenses benefit OHI’s Scholarship Fund.

Receive your own sample-sized OHI for life® complete skin care system when you stay at an Optimum Health Institute holistic health mission in San Diego or Austin, TX. Come help us celebrate 40 Years of Holistic Healing. Our caring team will give you the tools, encouragement and inspiration to detoxify your body, quiet your mind and rejuvenate your spirit while you are surrounded in serene beauty. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org , and call us at
(800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.

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