Sweating the Small Stuff

There’s a popular axiom, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” When Kimberly Garner arrived at Optimum Health Institute (OHI), her body was so out of balance with autonomic dysfunction that she had completely lost the ability to sweat. Her physical symptoms included dry eyes, mouth, skin and hair, along with a painful tooth. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, Kimberly was at the end of her rope. A flight attendant for 33 years, the single mom of two college student sons was exhausted, depressed, and not wanting to live with the debilitating fatigue. She was in bed about 20 hours a day.

Just when she was sure she couldn’t bear any more, she very clearly heard God’s voice say, “I have an abundant life for you!”

Kimberly immediately called OHI – friends had told her about the institute – and booked a week’s stay with financial help from her father. She was there the very next morning. After she greeted a few other guests, she went right to bed.

The next morning she drank a shot of wheatgrass juice, went to the stretching class, and then crawled back into bed. That wheatgrass seemed to flip on a switch inside of her body, mind and spirit. Tuesday she attended all the classes, soaking up encouragement and compassion from guests and facilitators. She completely dedicated herself to absorbing all the information she could.

The lights really came on for her in Peg’s Focus class, where Kimberly clearly saw in her pie chart she had no healing time to focus on herself. For decades, in both her personal and professional life, she was completely focused on doing everything for everyone else. She knew she needed what OHI offered – not just nutrition detoxification, but time for deep emotional, mental and spiritual self-care.

OHI’s community has a heart-centered and loving desire to express validation and support, and that fellowship, Kimberly says, was such an important part of her healing. She eagerly soaked up the encouragement and new friendships, finding that hearing others’ stories, and sharing her own, were a divine tonic for her aching body, mind and spirit.

At the end of her first week, when she was offered an OHI Scholarship to complete the 21-day program, Kimberly was overcome with gratitude and emotion. For the first time in years, she started feeling empowered, valued and happy.

One of the funniest moments of her OHI stay happened in the middle of a class during her second week. Kimberly was focused intently on the information the facilitator was sharing with the others when she made an exhilarating realization. “I’m starting to sweat!” she screamed, and her friends were thrilled for her. After years of dysfunction, her body’s nervous system was coming back into a healthy balance, and her sweat glands were working again. “Sweating the small stuff” was dramatic physical proof that Kimberly was well on her way to regaining optimum health.

These days, she continues to improve dramatically on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. She credits OHI with giving her the tools to reclaim a healed and happy life. She is deeply grateful for the generosity of the OHI community, which funded the OHI Scholarship that gave her a second chance for a fulfilling, joyful and healthy abundant life.

In this season of generosity and gratitude, help another deserving person receive the tools they need to create a happy, healthy balance in body, mind and spirit. Contribute to the OHI Scholarship fund through purchases at the OHI Store, buying proprietary OHI products like the OHI for life ® organic skin care line, or making a tax-deductible donation.

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