Setting Goals for the New Year

Last week we talked about setting a vision for the New Year. With only a few weeks left in 2016, your vision should be coming into sharper focus right about now. One way to give your vision a clearer shape and structure is to begin setting some specific goals.

A Quick Refresh on Vision vs. Goals

Like an overarching theme for your ideal life, your vision is the ‘big picture’ idea of how you want to live, be and thrive in the world. Goals , on the other hand, are the concrete stepping stones that will help you achieve and maintain your overall vision.

Setting Goals to Realize Your Vision

At OHI, we emphasize the importance of setting and holding a vision for ourselves, with the belief that through clear-minded focus, positivity and dedication, we can manifest our best selves and bring our visions to life. And goals are a crucial aspect of this process. A retreat at OHI can help you make a clear plan for achieving your vision by helping you to set the right goals. Here are a few tips on how to get started

  • Be Specific – Remember that while your vision can be somewhat broad and nebulous, your goals should be clearly defined. For instance, if shedding a few pounds is part of your overall vision for health, your goal should be more specific than to simply “lose weight.” Find a concrete number and set a concrete target date (e.g. lose 5lbs by March) and get started. The more specific your goals, the better your chance of sticking to your vision and achieving what you’re after.
  • Be Realistic – One common pitfall when setting goals is to aim too high. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be ambitious with your vision, but goals are meant to be achievable markers of progress. They are a means of attaining your vision, not ends in and of themselves. So it’s important to set realistic goals. Sticking with the weight-loss example: say your overall target is to drop 60lbs. If you set that as your goal, you are likely to become discouraged when you fail to see noticeable progress right away. But if you breaking that up into smaller, more realistic intervals (say, 3lbs per month) you’ll be much more likely to succeed.
  • Visualize – At OHI, we like to encourage our guests to bring their visions and goals to life by giving them a physical presence in the world. In our vision board class, we use images, photos and words to create visual representations of our visions in the hopes that doing so will foster a more visceral emotional connection. When it comes to your goals, anything you can do to make them more concrete will help. Try writing them down and/or keeping a journal as you go to help reinforce your positive progress.

One key thing to remember is to be true to your vision. When setting a new goal, you might want to ask yourself, “how does this goal serve my overall vision for a happier healthier me?” This will help keep you from straying too far from your original plan and keep your goals grounded in the clarity and positivity that inspired your vision in the first place. It’s ok to expand your vision and add new goals, but it’s important not to overwhelm yourself, or spread yourself too thin.

The best way to make sure you have a great 2017 is to start off the year focused on your physical, mental and emotional health. Begin the year with a retreat at OHI where you can set goals that help you work toward your best life. Visit our website and call us at (800) 588-0809 to make a reservation