OHI Guests are Powered by Pure Water

It makes sense that a key component of an effective detoxification diet is completely live, raw, organic vegan food and juices . What might not be as obvious is that the quality of the water you drink during the detoxification process is just as important for optimum results.

The purest alkaline reverse osmosis water with a pH of 7.3, said Amber Santa Cruz of Optimum Health Institute (OHI) Austin, Texas, is ideal. Amber is the Kitchen and Grow House Manager for OHI Austin.

“For the environment that we’ve set up for guests doing the detoxifying cleanse at OHI,” Amber explained, “we wanted to build the water that would be optimum for that experience. Our goal for everything we recommend, from food combining to what we put on the plate, is to make digestion as easy as possible, taking the least amount of energy, so that energy can be used towards healing.”

The OHI San Diego healing mission has been providing the purest drinking water to guests from a custom designed water filtration system since 2009. OHI Austin has also revamped its water filtration system, and now also provides the highest quality water to accompany the detoxification program.

Before the water travels to two dedicated taps, one in the OHI Austin kitchen, and the other at a dining room station, it passes through an elaborate filtration system. Chlorine, fluoride and total dissolved solids – the term for organic materials, magnesium, phosphorous, bacteria and other toxins – are scrubbed from the water through reverse osmosis and carbon filtering. A UV filter zaps microbes.

Then, a mineral infusion adds electrolytes essential for healthy body chemistry, and a coconut filter softens the water and ensures a clean, light, delicious taste.

Acquiring all the information needed to know what type of system would be best for OHI was a long, demanding process; planning alone took approximately six months. Amber researched exactly what was in the municipality’s water supply. She spoke with numerous water experts, and studied possible components for the filtration system from every angle. Each potential challenge was examined, like how removing all chemicals from a water supply could cause undesirable growth of possibly harmful biofilm in water pipes.

Amber and the team of experts working on the project determined that positioning the filtration system closest to the taps for the kitchen and dining room station would minimize the risk of algae growth, and maintain the pristine state of the reverse osmosis water for drinking and food preparation.

Amber strongly urges people to talk to their local water authority and go online to examine the required public documents detailing the composition of their local water. Then, they’ll be able to decide what type of filtration system, if any, might be appropriate for home use.

Drink the purest pH balanced water for a week – or three – as you detoxify your body, quiet your mind and rejuvenate your spirit at OHI missions in San Diego and Austin. Our caring team will support your journey to optimum health and give you the tools you need to continue following the OHI healthy lifestyle program at home. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org , and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.