Experience the Optimum Summer Retreat

Summertime – and the living is easy. With longer days and a slower pace, it’s the perfect season to give yourself a vacation from stress. Discover how taking some well-deserved nurturing time can help you push the healthy ‘reset’ button for your body, mind, and spirit.

With a 40-year track record of supporting people’s healing journey, the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) is making this summer a special opportunity for finding inner peace, mental clarity, and more happiness.

During your rejuvenating OHI Summer Retreat stay, our team members will support and encourage you as you take a few weeks to build yourself up and go deeper. Surrounded in the serene beauty of our artfully landscaped grounds, you will rediscover the tools you require to developmental sharpness, concentration, and self-awareness; slow the aging process; boost your immune system and improve your cardiovascular health, all while feeling more centered and content.

Enjoy a different delicious live, raw, organic plant-based lunch and dinner every day of your visit while you renew old friendships, and make new ones. Feel more empowered with each class, and discover again how gentle exercise helps quiet the mind and celebrate the spirit.

Be eligible for discounts and services valued up to $1,000 when you book a two or three-week OHI Summer Retreat for the week beginning 6/18/17 through the week beginning 9/10/17.

You’ll receive a Summer Mental Nourishment kit with the books, CDs, and DVDs selected to inspire and motivate you to stick with OHI’s holistic healing program while you’re visiting, and after you return home.

Rooms are limited, but your transformational results are not. Come help us celebrate 40 years of holistic healing at our missions in San Diego and Austin, Texas. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org , and call our team now at (800) 993-4325 to book your next retreat.

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