Freedom to Make Healthy Choices

It was 200 years after the Declaration of Independence recognized our rights to “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” that Optimum Health Institute (OHI) was launched. As we continue our celebration of “40 Years of Holistic Healing,” we mark this 4 th of July by recognizing our right to declare our independence from harmful old habits, and embrace our freedom to pursue optimum health.

Here are some mindful ways to transition into a healthier, happier lifestyle:

  1. Breathe! – When you catch yourself falling into an old unwanted habit, stop and take three deep, mindful breaths. You will instantly refocus your mind and break the old pattern.
  1. Watch your words – Things your conscious mind says are immediately taken literally by your subconscious mind. Choose empowering, constructive language to motivate yourself and inspire positive action.
  1. Break state physically – Take a deep breath and raise your arms high over your head on the inhale, then bring your arms back to your sides on the exhale. Stretching brings you back into conscious awareness of what your body is doing, and helps you regain control over a bad habit.
  1. Be grateful – Instead of reaching for a sugary treat or a cigarette, stop, breathe, and think of something for which you are grateful. Close friends, loving family, this beautiful day – shifting your consciousness into a state of gratitude effectively diverts your attention away from the old harmful behavior.
  1. Celebrate victories – After you’ve declared your independence from unhealthy habits, every night before bed, take a moment to review your three most positive choices that day. Congratulate yourself, and realize you’re making real progress. You didn’t develop bad habits overnight, and you won’t change them overnight, either. But you’re definitely on your way!

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