Emotions of the Fall

Fall is just around the corner. Autumn is the season of change, when the focus shifts from the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer to knuckling down for school, for work, and for the upcoming holidays.

It’s a time of special milestones for parents – a child’s first day of school, and in the blink of an eye, they’re heading off to college. That initial euphoria of having the house to yourself can quickly fade into a case of empty nest syndrome. It can bring a deep feeling of sadness and loss, and even fears that you’re no longer needed.

There are gatherings of family and friends to plan; gifts to buy; plenty of expectations and too often a tsunami of stress to handle. While the leaves are falling, our spirits can, too.

Thankfully, the fall also brings with it the opportunity for new beginnings. If the house is suddenly kid-free after 18 bustling years, it’s an excellent time to reconnect with your spouse, turn that newly spare room into a meditation or yoga studio, take those art or dance classes you’ve postponed, or start playing your guitar or piano again.

Get a head-start on holiday planning with some new activities that can become treasured family traditions. In the You Validation class taught at Optimum Health Institute (OHI) San Diego and Austin, Texas, a group sits in a circle and selects one person to begin the exercise. Each person in the circle says something nice to that person, and their only response can be, “Thank you.” Try it around the Thanksgiving table, and see how it brings all the generations together.

Use the fall to plan other positive holiday activities. For instance:

  1. Use holiday gatherings to introduce family and friends to delicious, plant-based dishes and main courses.
  2. Suggest a group stroll post-dinner.
  3. Find volunteer opportunities that could include everyone.
  4. Make a list of topics guaranteed to generate laughter and good feelings, like your favorite comedy movie, or the thing you’re most grateful for in the past year.

Taking a little extra time to meditate on the most positive ways to keep your emotions positive through the coming season will go a long way to helping you achieve, and maintain, optimum health in body, mind and spirit.

You can also rely on a return visit to OHI to give you the clarity, energy and enthusiasm to make this your best year yet. There’s still time to help OHI celebrate 40 years of holistic healing with by attending the special Homecoming celebration the week beginning 9-3-17 through the week beginning 9/24/17. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org , and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.