Getting Out of a Rut

We’re probably familiar with the symptoms – we’re chugging along, doing basically the same things we’ve been doing for a long time, when suddenly it hits us. Nothing’s really ‘wrong,’ but nothing is really delightfully ‘right,’ either. We’re getting by, but the joy, excitement and sense of discovery is gone. We are officially in a rut.

How did this happen?

Frequently, it can just creep up on us while we’re living our life. And frequently, it happens because we’re actually living someone ELSE’S idea of what our life should look like. Old patterns die hard, particularly ones we pick up in childhood. We can be so eager to earn approval that we put our own dreams on the back burner to pursue what others – well-meaning or demanding parents, teachers, bosses or friends – suggest we do. We gain approval, but we can lose ourselves in the process.

Figuring out we’re in that rut is the first step to leaping back out of it. The second step is to tune back in to ourselves to rediscover what brings us meaningful joy. Through meditation, journaling, introspective walks in nature and even thinking back to what we really wanted to be as kids, we can start to refocus on who we are, and what we need to bring back into our lives to bring emotional balance, and reclaim our happiness and sense of purpose.

We can set this positive shift in motion by identifying a single core value that is essential to living a good life. Family? Spirituality? Vitality? Recognition? Community? When we determine what values are most important to us, we can begin to create a new, rewarding blueprint for our life. We can select several, but for that initial rut-busting focus, we start with one.

After we pinpoint that value, we choose a realistic and meaningful goal that addresses that value. If the value is Community, for instance, the goal can be joining a group that reflects our interests and beliefs.

Now, we create a 3-step action plan to achieve that goal. Maybe there’s a raw foods gourmet club in our city, or a meditation group that gathers on a regular basis. We can attend a meeting, talk to some of the members to see how the group’s interests align with ours, and perhaps volunteer to help organize an upcoming event. Make sure your action steps are measurable and achievable.

Identifying and actively focusing on even a single value will create meaningful and emotionally enriching changes in our lives, blasting us out of that rut for good.

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